Watch List: 14 Sophomores to Watch


Posted On: 02/22/18 12:53 PM

While there are plenty of talented sophomores who are waiting their turns, here is a list of 14 sophomores who played at a high level this season. Keep an eye on this group as many are capable of having even bigger seasons next year.

Watch List: 14 Sophomores to Watch

Brax Jensen 5’10 PG Emery

While Emery is at the .500 mark for the season, Jensen has played extremely well. In fact, he is leading the team in assists and is fourth in scoring. Even better news for Emery is 2 of the 3 players ahead of Jensen in scoring will be back next year. Jensen’s and the Emery Spartan’s future look really bright.

Nate Maiava 6’2 PG Kearns

While Maiava’s scoring has not been stellar, he has demonstrated an ability to get his talented teammates involved at a high level. He has played the role of a distributing, pass first point guard extremely well this season. His basketball IQ and feel for the game have aided Kearns greatly in their strong season.

Andre Mulibea 6’5 PG/SG East

Mulibea’s size and basketball IQ is going to make him a consistent triple double threat next season. He is a more than capable playmaker who understands how to use his physical gifts to create for himself and others while getting on the glass. Mulibea could end up being one of the top prospects in this class by the time it is all said and done.

Mason Falslev 6’3 PG/SG Sky View

Bottom line: Falslev is the most dangerous guard in this classification at this point. He is a more than capable scorer who gets after it on the glass and creates for his teammates. Falslev is far from reaching his peak as well. In addition to scoring the ball well, most underclassmen struggle with their shooting percentages. However, that is not the case for Falslev as he is shooting it with a lot of confidence and at a high rate.

Derek Smith 6’0 PG Delta

While Smith does not have the same height as Falslev, the two play a very similar style. Both are capable shooters from deep who are shooting it at an extremely high percentage despite their youth. Smith’s ability to score and do it efficiently while young a

Mark Huber Bear River Image Provided by Bear River Sports

nd everyone is game planning for him is quite impressive.

Mark Huber 5’10 PG Bear River

Huber’s ability to score the basketball has aided Bear River greatly in achieving more than most thought they would this season. The talented guard is confident and a knockdown shooter from deep. Bear River has some young prospects that should give them a lot of reason to feel confident moving forward.

Trevon Snoody 6’4 SF/PF Skyridge

Despite being undersized, Snoody has managed to be a double-double scare every night. He has a good motor and feel for the game. His instincts and work ethic put him in a position to win a lo of 50/50 basketballs. The tenacity with which he plays has been crucial to his team’s success.

Brox Ashby 6’0 PG Hillcrest

Ashby is capable of finishing in the paint. However, he is more of a shooter at this point. His ability to extend the floor makes him tough for opposing teams to guard. Further, as far as sophomores are concerned, he is one of the top shooters in the group. With that said, his stock will continue to rise as he balances out his game.

Cameron Chism 6’1 SG Bountiful

Chism is yet another young guy on this list due to his ability to shoot the lights out of the basketball. While he still has work to do in order to develop a more rounded game, he makes a huge impact for this team and will undoubtedly have an even bigger role next year.

Braxton Tanner 6’3 SF/PF Maple Mountain

Maple Mountain has struggled this year, but Tanner has provided a bright spot for them. He is looked to a lot currently and will be looked to more in the future. This groups future success will largely be put on Tanner’s shoulders. He is slightly undersized; however, he finishes extremely well around the rim and competes on the glass.

Ethan Langston 6’3 SG/SF Bingham

Langston’s numbers might not be as impressive as some of these prospects. However, he has done it in the toughest region in the state. Further, it is clear that Langston is a big part of Bingham’s plans going forward. This team has had a lot of success and will look to continue to build around this talented sophomore.

Luke Storheim 5’7 PG Skyline

Storheim is a good passer who has found a way to score despite his youth. As he continues to progress and his shooting percentages improve, he will be more effective. With that said, he has had a solid sophomore year in which Skyline finished tied for 3rd in their region.

Mark McCurdy 6’1 PG Park City

Park City has struggled this season. However, they have some young talent that should aid them in seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. One of those prospects is PG Mark McCurdy. McCurdy is the engine that makes this team go. He does a little bit of everything for the group. His versatility makes him an intriguing prospect who has a bright future.

Ren Fonnesbeck 5’10 PG Bear River

Fonnesbeck is another part of that young backcourt at Bear River that will make a lot of noise going forward. While he is not as much of a playmaker as Huber, he is every bit as good of a shooter. Part of what makes this backcourt special is its ability to let it fly from anywhere. Their shooting ability makes the defense extend greatly.