Updated 2018 Rankings: Top 5


Posted On: 02/19/18 9:53 AM

Recently we updated our 2018 rankings. This update was mainly to account for previously under-the-radar seniors who’ve had a breakout year or for middle of the pack players who’ve elevated their game to the next level. Our top-5 remains unchanged from the last update, however, in the case that you missed it the first time, here’s a look at the top-5 ranked players in the 2018 class:

Brandon Johns (#1, East Lansing)

Johns has arguably the most pro potential in the class, potential which he matches with production. He moves like a guard and rebounds like a 7-footer. At 6’8″, there are few players that can match his combination of size, strength, athleticism and skill.

Marcus Bingham (#2, Grand Rapids Catholic Central)

Though he claims he’s only 6’9″, Bingham is all of 6’10” and maybe taller – it’s hard to tell given his extremely long arms. Bingham has been rapidly improving his skillset to the point where he’s capable of creating off the dribble at times. He can shoot both off the catch and dribble. As Bingham’s strength catches up to his rapidly developing skillset, he’ll become a huge matchup problem for just about anybody the defense can throw at him.

Dave DeJulius (#3, East English)

DeJulius went on a dominating tear in the first two months of the season, looking like the surefire pick for Mr. Basketball. Since February, he’s cooled off a bit but still puts up numbers most players dream of. Perhaps the most unguardable player in the state, DeJulius has the handles, shot and athleticism to get a bucket on anybody. He’s headed to Michigan next year.


Foster Loyer (#4, Clarkston)

A name everybody knows, Loyer has been one of the best players in the state for years. There are few players that can match Loyer’s level of skill, but what’s more impressive is his IQ – numerous coaches have heralded him as the smartest player they’ve ever seen. The sharp-shooting, dime-dropping point guard has made a strong case for Mr. Basketball, posting 30 points in seemingly every game since the new year.

Gabe Brown (#5, Belleville)

Brown is another player who’s developing at a rapid rate. His bread and butter is shooting, but he’s far from a catch-and-shoot guy. At all of 6’7″, Brown has the handles and mobility to create his own shot and he can hit from anywhere on the court. He also has above-average athleticism that allows him to play above the rim. As he continues to fill out his wiry frame, he’ll become a tough matchup for even the best perimeter defenders.