The Unranked: Sophomore Stock-Risers


Posted On: 02/10/18 5:00 AM

Early indications are pointing to a guard-heavy 2020 class in Ohio. There’s plenty of talented ball-handlers in every corner of the state who have proved themselves this high school season.

This group includes guys we didn’t see during their 15U grassroots season, our main data point for the 2020 Prospect Rankings. After the State Championships, we’ll add plenty of names to that database, including not only ball-handlers but also promising wings and forwards. A month and a half out from our update, here’s some of the new players you can expect to appear in the second edition of 2020 rankings.

(The list is in alphabetical order.)

Dakota Cochran, 6’2” G, Shaker Heights

Cochran has been a reliable third wheel on a competitive Shaker Heights team. His transition from a utility guard into a 3-point specialist speaks to his work ethic and adaptability. Playing alongside two elite slashers at Shaker, it makes sense for him to hang out beyond the arch. However, we look forward to seeing him combine that skill with some of the playmaking ability he showed this summer.

Jamal Cole, 6’5” W, New Day Academy

Cole is an exciting athlete with raw physical tools waiting to be molded. At 6’5”, he can dribble it a little bit and finish over defenders. His explosiveness and speed is a good combination for someone with his build. Turning potential into production is the key, but he’s young for now.

Hunter Drenth, 6’7” F, Revere

Drenth benefits from playing alongside a gifted passer in Pete Nance right now, so a summer as a featured post player will give us a more realistic evaluation of Drenth. We know that he moves away from the ball well, is a decent vertical athlete, and isn’t hesitant to crash boards. Drenth has a good build for a sophomore. In what appears to be a watered down pool of 2020 bigs in Ohio, Drenth has a chance to shine.

Derek Eddings, 6’0” PG, La Salle

The presumptive future point guard for a historically strong La Salle program has been solid in the second half of the season. At our Top 250 Expo, Eddings displayed mature court awareness and a pure jump shot. Over the last nine games for La Salle, Eddings is averaging 8.2 points against stingy GCL competition.

Tevin Jackson, 5’9” PG, St. Ignatius

Another interesting point guard leading a disciplined offense is Tevin Jackson out of Cleveland. The speedy sophomore is aggressive in passing lanes on one end, then turns around to play patiently on offense. Jackson is an ambidextrous finisher who could really turn heads if he improves his jumper.


Other: Simon Blair (South Central), Eric Buckner Jr. (Benedictine), Jashun Cobb (Benedictine), Jordan Howard (Springfield), Luke Lachey (Grandview Heights), Cole Metzler (Canal Winchester), Brandon Noel (Chillicothe), Chase Toppin (St. Ignatius)