Top Players: Antioch Regional

High School

Posted On: 02/24/18 5:03 PM

Antioch hosted a fiery regional Saturday afternoon and evening.

In the opener 1-seeded Brentwood pummeled a short-handed McGavock team.  Without Marvin Hughes, the Raiders didn’t have the manpower to compete with a fantastic Brenwood team.

The third quarter ended 42-24, with the Bruins well on their way to a victory.  Take a look at the top players from the game.

2018 G David Windley (Brentwod)

One player from the battle is certainly set to play at the next level, David Windley (Washington-MO).  Windley is wuick, but not erratic with the ball.  he shoots very well in tight spaces and plays with a nice toughness.  College will help him add some needed bulk.  Windley can handle some physicality and he finishes well at the stripe.  Windley’s patience coupled with his quick feet really make him an offensive dynamo.

2019 WG Jack Thurman (Brentwood)

The junior passer set the tone in the cold-shooting first quarter with eight of the Bruins’ 12 points.  Thurman hit two three-pointers early and kept the ball moving with his exceptional court vision.

G Chase Sain (McGavock)

During a low-scoring first half, Sain offered five points.  Sain has good length and can score inside on occasion. Sadly for McGavock, the Raiders only managed 17 points before the break.  It was not nearly enough to challenge Brentwood.

2018 G Lavric Mangala (Antioch)

The quickest player on the floor, Lavric Mangala created countless problems for the 1-3-1 defense of the Franklin Rebels.  On one third quarter possession Mangala wrestled two straight offensive rebounds.  He was a terror in close.  Sure Mangala missed too many chances, but he created quality looks nightly.

G Ty Kirk (McGavock)

Most of the Raider offense ran through Ty Kirk.  While Kirk’s outside shooting was spotty he continuously earned his way to the free throw line.  Kirk put a lot on his shoulders in Marvin Hughes’ absence.  He clearly felt an obligation to score and score often.  Mostly, he fought and competed in the loss.

2018 G Jack Patton (Franklin)

Handling the Antioch defenders was a tough task for Patton.  Still, he weaved through the thicket and found teammates.  Jack is a really reliable ball-handler and he generally makes perfect decisions.  In games with high intensity stabilizing forces are necessary.

2020 F Ashenefe Desta (Antioch)

Franklin missed a lot of shots Saturday night.  They still would have buried the Bears of Antioch without the possession-ending rebounds of Ashenefa Desta. Desta’s shooting touch still lacks.  The long, lean forward doesn’t finish as well as he should in tight.  His defensive rebounds helped Antioch battle through the first three quarters.

2019 G Reese Glover (Franklin)

The Rebel volume scorer did not have a good game by his exceptional standards.  He missed alot.  He was challenged on many of his jumpers, but he did score plenty in the fourth and decisive quarter.  Glover needs to be better Tuesday against Brentwood.

2018 G Jonathon Howard (Cane Ridge)

No player scored more freely Saturday night than Jonathon Howard.  The off-guard finished with 20 points and most of them were necessary.

2018 G Jaylen Whittaker (Cane Ridge)

Cane Ridge pressured full-court the entire game.  Dickson County didn’t turn the ball over too often, but emotional fatigue started to set in late.  Whittaker is one of the two wonderful guards working out high for the Ravens.

2018 WG Darian Burns (Dickson County)

For the Cougars, Darian Burns was relentless on the glass and in the paint.  Burns is really a big-bodied shooting guard with some extreme toughness.  Burns scored 21 points.

2020 WG Dusty Williams (Centennial)

The lanky sophomore scored over and over in the third quarter Saturday night.  Dusty is a really strong shooter and looks like he might mature into an elite wing.

2018 G Hayden Pearson (Centennial)

Senioors don’t want to go home.  Hayden played with incredible urgency against the Hunters Lane Warriors.  The sharpshooter knocked his triple down consistently.