Posted On: 02/13/18 11:14 AM

1. Keylan Boone Tulsa Memorial 2019 Wing

Boone has the ability to use his length on the Wing to shut down the opponents best perimeter player. When Boone is locked in he is tough to score against even when a quicker guard beats him off the dribble the length of his wingspan along with his height allow him to catch up and challenge their shot. The control and toughness of Boone make him the top projected defender in the state.

2. Mo Wilson Northwest Classen 2018 Wing

Wilson is a long, lanky Wing that is constantly disrupting the passing lanes. He is fantastic at reading the offense and making smart plays on the basketball. Wilson is huge on the defensive boards. He blocks and makes opponents have to adjust their shot multiple times during the game. Wilson plays with great passion and energy defensively.

3. Josh Procter Owasso 2018 Wing

Procter is headed to Ohio State for Football, but before he gets there he is locking down guys in high school. Owasso has a great sixth man option with Procter coming in to shut down the opponents best offensive player. He is strong with quick lateral movement, which makes it very tough for the opponent to get separation.


4. Kobe Burgess Ada 2019 Point Guard


Burgess has very quick hands and is one of the best at snagging steals in the state. He comes in at #4 because the downside is he reaches and gets out of position at times. With all that said no one can question that Burgess impacts the floor defensively in a great way for Ada. Many of his steals end in easy transition baskets. Burgess has extremely quick hands that help him garner a ton of steals.

5. Kenyarey Springs Westmoore 2018 Wing

Springs focuses his game on the defensive end. He is quick and moves his feet well. The opponent has to work to get every single point they score when they are matched up with Springs. He may be the hardest worker on this list.


Other Notable defenders 

Ryan Cooper Wyandotte 2018 Guard

Cooper excels at keeping with his opponent by using great discipline. He plays with a high basketball IQ and does a good job of anticipating the offense.

Nate Goodlow Del City 2020 Wing 

Goodlow is a young 2020 Wing that has the opportunity to be the best defender in the state in his class if he stays at it. He takes pride in his defense using his quickness to harass opponents.

Josh Rivers Midwest City 2018 Point Guard

Rivers plays excellent defense for the Bombers. The McPhearson commit brings his hard hat to work each and every night. He was very close to making the top five.

Damian Everette Broken Arrow 2018 Wing

Everette is similar to Procter in that he is strong football guy that doesn’t care about scoring just wants to win. He brings it each night on the defensive end for the Tigers.

Connor Slater Elgin 2019 Wing 

Slater fits the mold of a long. lanky Wing that uses his physical stature to give opponents a tough time. He still needs to work on foot speed, but is able to stay with his man due to his length. The biggest thing that sticks out about Slater is his will to compete.

Juwan White Norman North 2018 Guard

White can gamble at times but makes the list because of his quickness and ability to lock in when his team needs a stop. He does a good job of making defense a priority and is very agile.

Adokiye Iyaye Putnam City North 2018 Wing

Iyaye plays extremely hard on the defensive end using his solid strong frame to wear down the opponent throughout the game. There are not many that can match the energy Iyaye brings each night to the court. The intensity and energy are infectious to his teammates as well.

RJ Fisher Lawton Ike 2018 Point Guard


Fisher is headed to Air Force for Football. What makes him one of the best defenders in Oklahoma are his fundamentals, strength and quickness. He is sneaky quick and very strong from his 6’2 frame. Lawton Ike feeds off Fisher on the defensive end.

Tyus Jeffries Edmond Santa Fe 2018 Wing 

Jeffries has surged into this conversation with his outstanding showing this season for Edmond Santa Fe. He brings toughness and is very strong physically on the Wing. He can guard a big if he needs to or matchup against a Wing, which is a big plus.

Elisha Brantley Booker T. Washington 2018 Point Guard 

Brantley is thriving in his role at Booker T. Washington. He is their ultimate glue guy that does a little bit of everything. The best thing Brantley brings to the table is his quickness and constant drive to lock down his opponent. He takes pride in his defense.

Rondel Walker Putnam City West 2020 Combo Guard

Walker plays with the dawg mentality on the court giving his all on both ends. What makes Walker a player really intriguing to watch defensively in the Oklahoma 2020 Class is his fight, quickness and high basketball IQ on defense.

Donovan Vickers Edmond Santa Fe 2020 Wing 

Vickers is another intriguing young Guard for the Wolves. He is strong especially for his age moves his feet well and sticks with his man. The focus of Vickers defensively along with his effort make him one of the top defenders in the Oklahoma 2020 Class.

Anthony Pritchard Tulsa Webster 2021 Point Guard 

Size challenges Pritchard at the Point Guard spot, but he is able to overcome his height with his quick feet. Pritchard is a player that with growth physically, mentally and continued effort on the defensive end could be one of the best defenders in his class.

Major Smith Broken Arrow 2018 Point Guard 

Smith is not the quickest or tallest. However, you won’t find many basketball players in Oklahoma that give greater effort than him. He also plays with an extremely high basketball IQ.

Shemar Walker Tulsa Memorial 2018 Point Guard 

Walker is challenged defensively because of his size, but he makes up for what he lacks with his quickness and will to guard his man. He exploits the passing lanes leading to a lot of transition baskets.

Makale Smith Midwest City 2021 Guard 

Smith is a tough Guard that gives great effort on the defensive end. The quickness and lateral movement of Smith help him to keep his opponent in front of him. He is an intriguing guard to watch over the next four years,

Jaden Bray Edmond North 2021 Guard 

Bray brings his hard hat to work on the defensive end. You can tell he is completely bought into playing both ends of the floor. The athleticism and toughness of Bray projects him to have the opportunity to be one of the better defenders in the 2021 Oklahoma Class.

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