Top Performers: Tampa Prep vs. Carrollwood Day

High School

Posted On: 02/17/18 8:55 PM

Carrollwood Day outlasted everyone in a deep Class 4A-District 4 to take home the district crown.

On Saturday night, the Patriots upended Tampa Prep 67-48 on the campus of Calvary Christian.

At first, it appeared the Terrapins were going to make life hard for Carrollwood Day with a 9-4 lead midway through the opening quarter.

Following that point, the Patriots switched the momentum, buried jumpers and hustled on both ends of the floor in transition as they piled on the points.

The victory gives Carrollwood Day a home affair with Santa Fe Catholic next Thursday in the region semifinals while Tampa Prep must travel to Master’s Academy.

Here is a look at the top performances of the evening.

Malcolm Whitlow (Carrollwood Day)

From the opening whistle to the last play, junior guard Malcolm Whitlow was the best player on the floor. The 6’1″ guard scored 24 points, pacing his offense with jumpers, attacks to the rim and 3’s. Most impressively, Whitlow distributed the ball with ease in transition and played shut down defense.

Edgar Ziegler (Carrollwood Day)

For much of the opening half, junior guard Edgar Ziegler was the leading scorer for the Patriots. The 6’3″ guard found his rhythm from outside, especially right in front of Tampa Prep’s bench. Ziegler scored 11 of his 20 points in the first half. When he’s hitting at a high clip alongside Whitlow, it is hard to stop Carrollwood Day’s offense.

Owen Mixon (Carrollwood Day)

Whitlow and Ziegler gave Owen Mixon every chance to make plays inside. The 6’8″ senior took full advantage of the feeds with 14 points. He had eight points at the break and made some sound moves to the rim to finish. Mixon fouled out late in the fourth quarter, but when he is given space inside he rarely misses off the glass.

Jaden Gray (Tampa Prep)

Offensively, we have seen flashes of high-level play from Jaden Gray this season. The sophomore guard is still coming together defensively, but he is packed with athleticism and playmaking ability. He led the Terrapins with eight points. If he continues to put his head down and go inside, he’ll start to have some really good outings.

Owen Carlson/Jaren Phillips (Tampa Prep)

A pair of juniors Owen Carlson and Jaren Phillips combined for 14 points, each scoring seven. Carlson, a 6’2″ guard is a sharpshooter and someone who has worked his way into the rotation with full efforts and team play. Phillips, a 6’5″ forward left the game in the fourth quarter with an injury, but he had some good moments.