Top 10 Games of the Week


Posted On: 02/13/18 11:24 AM

  1. 4A#1 Kingfisher vs 3A#4 Hennessey Tuesday Feb. 13th

Kingfisher has not played a tough schedule to date. The favorites in Class 4A have blown out almost every opponent they have played, but they will look to prove their dominance in their first Top-5 matchup of the season. Hennessey is one team that no one seems to be talking about despite being #4 in Class 3A and only having one loss. Hennessey will look to make a statement against one of the best teams in Class 4A.

  1. 4A#6 Mannford vs 4A#7 Metro Christian Monday Feb. 12th

Mannford and Metro Christian have already played one thriller this year, when Metro walked away with the victory. Mannford is going in looking to bounce back against the Patriots after suffering the lone-loss of the season to Metro. Metro is looking to keep moving forward as they have had an impressive run of victories as of late. Metro and Mannford are two teams on the edge of Class 4A.

  1. 6A#5 Midwest City vs 5A#9 Del City Tuesday Feb. 13th

Midwest City is one of the best defensive teams in the state. They play unselfish basketball and force the teams they play to get past their relentless pressure. Midwest City is looking to add one more top team to their resume of victories before the playoffs start. Del City has struggled against Top-10 opponents, where they are 0-7. They have beaten some good teams going 6-2 against ranked teams outside the Top-10. Del City will look to prove they are a legitimate contender as the postseason looms.

  1. 6A#2 Norman North vs 6A#9 Norman Friday Feb. 16th

The rivalry to finish the season, what more could two teams ask for? North have been very impressive these past couple of weeks as they jumped up to No.2 in the state in Class 6A. Norman have struggled in the second half of the season and got blown out in this rivalry game last time around. Norman will be looking for revenge and respect as they hope to upset the second ranked team in Class 6A.

  1. 5A#6 El Reno vs 5A#9 Del City Friday Feb. 13th

El Reno have had an impressive season, but they seem to be on the fringes of whether or not they are good enough to compete in the postseason. El Reno has some big wins and played some of the best teams in the state very close. This win might prove to most they do have what it takes to go far. Del City is looking to prove their schedule has just been unfair to them. They have played 15 games against ranked opponents and they will hope their tough schedule will hope them as they head into crunch time.

  1. 5A#4 Eisenhower vs 5A#11 Macarthur Tuesday Feb. 13th

Eisenhower has impressed almost everyone this season. They have raised some eyebrows with some good-looking wins. Eisenhower is no joke and they will look to gain momentum heading into their postseason run. Macarthur is a team that is looking to get hot at the right moment. They are coming off a blowout loss to Ardmore, but they will be looking to pull off an upset as they go up against a talented Eisenhower team.

  1. 5A#3 Carl Albert vs 5A#12 Piedmont Tuesday Feb 13th

Carl Albert is one of the toughest teams in the state to beat. They have Mason Harrell, the top unsigned prospect in the 2018 Class. He is difficult to stop from scoring and Carl Albert relies on his talent accompanied with Trey Hopkins as they are moving forward. Piedmont is looking to pull off the upset in Class 5A as they are looking to get hot. Piedmont has an impressive record, but has already lost to Carl Albert by over 20 earlier in the season.

  1. 6A#10 Sand Springs vs 5A#10 Bishop Kelley Friday Feb. 13th

Sand Springs looked like one of the best teams in the state early in the season. They have struggled as of late and need to bounce back before the playoffs start. The Sandites’ Davon Richardson had himself a 40-piece against an Owasso team that is turning heads, but it was not enough as they lost to the Rams. Bishop Kelley has played tough team after tough team. Despite winning only two of their last eight, they have impressed with good performances against talented teams. Bishop Kelley will be a dangerous team despite their record heading into Regionals.

  1. 6A#12 Putnam City vs 5A#4 Eisenhower Friday Feb. 13th

Putnam City is one of the most electrifying teams in the state. They have a handful of players that can through down some ridiculous dunks that get the crowd going crazy. Putnam City has had trouble staying composed and finishing games this season, but when they do, they are hard to beat. Eisenhower is looking to add another notch on their belt. They have been impressive this season. They appear twice on the list this week and will hope to finish their season with two big wins.

  1. 3A#13 Sperry vs 2A#4 Ketchum Tuesday Feb. 13th

Sperry has been inconsistent all season. They have one of the best shooters in the state in Jace Pratt, but they do not seem to realize it. Pratt dropped 40 in the Tournament of Champions against Ringwood, but they cannot seem to find him consistently. Ketchum are looking towards the gold ball. They are one of the favorites in Class 2A. They have already beaten Sperry once this season and will look to do it again in the final week of the regular season.