Three quick takes: Northville vs Wayne Memorial

High School

Posted On: 02/20/18 9:16 PM

This was a really good game that came down to the wire, but in the end, Wayne Memorial defeated Northville by a final score of 65-55. The score is a bit deceiving, as Northville had to foul late, but Wayne earned this victory. Isaiah Lewis and Rashad Williams were phenomenal for the Zebras, combining for 46 points and seven rebounds. Steven Morrissey and Niko Barach combined for 31 points to lead Northville.

Isaiah Lewis (2019) and Rashad Williams (2018) are tough to contain

Northville tried everything they could to stop these two, but nothing was working. Williams, a Cleveland State commit, scored 23 points and grabbed three rebounds, while Isaiah Lewis also scored 23 points and grabbed four rebounds. At times, it looked like the two were battling against each other to be the best player on the floor. One would come down and make a nice drive to the basket for two, then the other would knock down a deep three on the next possession. They carried Wayne to this victory and should continue to dominate throughout the rest of the season.

Northville reminds me of Wisconsin

The Mustangs are the definition of a team. They all play together and their execution is just about perfect. Similar to Wisconsin, they value every possession and are very strategic with what they are doing. They are cutting non stop on offense and don’t mind waiting for the right look. It may take five seconds, it may take a minute. They just want a good look. Defensively, they all help each other. They allowed a couple of easy buckets, but for the most part they made Wayne earn each and every basket. They also forced the Zebras to turn the ball over 17 times, which led to some easy baskets on the other end. Overall, Northville is a pretty good team. They are a scrappy group that can make some noise in the playoffs. However, their lack of size will hurt them.

Northville’s Big 3

There’s no denying Lewis and Williams were the two best players on the floor. However, the Mustangs have some players that many are sleeping on. Mark Grimes, Niko Barach and Steven Morrissey were excellent for Northville tonight. The trio combined for 43 of the teams 55 points. In the first half, it was all Morrissey. He scored 14 points and was the main reason the Mustangs were in the game. He finished with 17. In the second half, Barach and Grimes took over. Barach scored 14 points and Grimes added 12. Both attacked the basket very aggressively and were able to finish around the hoop. They aren’t the most athletic players, but all three are very fundamentally sound and rarely make mistakes.