Terry Sanford vs Triton HS: Elite 8 Standouts

High School
North Carolina

Posted On: 02/21/18 8:44 PM

Terry Sanford HS Senior Wing Holt Walker: As soon as the game began he was very active, scoring 7 of his 17 total points in the first quarter. He scored at all three levels, including some dunks that got the crowd going, he’s picked up offers and interest from JUCO programs.

Triton HS Guard Maurice Williams: Maurice ended up being one of my favorite players to watch during this matchup. He is a talented youngster but also plays the game with a level of intensity and emotion that you have to love. The 1st quarter was not kind to his team at all but in the last 3 quarters he scored 23 points and made big time plays in the 4th to give his team a chance.

Terry Sanford HS Senior Wing Gabe Harbison: Throughout the times that I have seen Gabe this season, he has been one of the more consistent players for Terry Sanford. Last night was no different as he chipped in 16 points, the next step for him is to keep the game simple which will only help his production level.

Terry Sanford Sophomore Forward Yates Johnson: Offensively he didn’t have his best showing but what I appreciated was that fact that he stayed aggressive. With this being his first year logging major time at the varsity level you can see him pressing the issue during some moments but overall I like his upside and natural feel for the game.

Terry Sanford Junior Guard Dante Bowlding: He’s stepped into the role of being the starting PG for this squad and has performed well overall. Occasionally he had his mishaps but there were several plays where he made good reads and got the ball to teammates in good situations.

Triton HS Senior Forward Shiquan Cox: If I didn’t know any better I would think that he was a football player with the way he was built. Once he settled down and played his game he was able to make some play offensively while pulling down a nice amount of rebounds.

Triton HS Junior Forward Chrishaun Henry: When the ball went to him in the high post area, you could pretty much count it as a bucket. The second half was where he was the most productive, scoring 9 out of his 13 points during the 3rd and 4th quarters.

Triton HS Guard Kalil Hodges: His numbers won’t impress you but his impact on the game clearly impressed. He got the ball up the court and got his team into their sets, initially the squad had a problem finishing plays but the PG was solid throughout.