The Ten Most Exciting Players in Oklahoma


Posted On: 02/21/18 6:24 AM

At Prep Hoops we do our best to project the prospects to what they will be in college. This list is a little different. Forget college! What players are the most exciting to watch this season in high school? Who can make fans ooo and ahh? Prep Hoops gives you the top ten most exciting players in Oklahoma regardless of class.

1. Mason Harrell 2018 Carl Albert Point Guard 

Harrell is having a great senior season for the Carl Albert Titans. The fans can count on Harrell giving them a show scoring the ball at a very high rate. The handle of Harrell is arguably the best in Oklahoma. He is bound to make a few defenders look silly as they try to guard him. No matter how big the moment is Harrell seems to always be calm and deliver especially in the big moments. The height of Harrell is his biggest question for the next level, but honestly, I believe as far as excitement it only adds to watching him play. As a smaller player, Harrell is forced to account for taller defenders at all times. He wows me with his ability to finish shots in traffic consistently. On top of his scoring skills, Harrell dazzles the crowd with incredible passes.

2. Jaycson Bereal 2018 Booker T. Washington Forward

Bereal is a 6’7 long, lanky Forward with super athleticism. There is arguably no better dunker in transition in the state of Oklahoma. You can feel the energy in the building rise when Bereal gets an opportunity to land a monster jam. Another factor to the excitement around him is the swagger Bereal plays with at all times. There is no player with more swagger on the court than Bereal. One more exciting area to watch is the tough shots Bereal hits when fading away. He is one of the best in the state at making tough shots in large part due to his height advantage he has over most defenders.

3. Trey Hopkins 2018 Carl Albert Wing 

It would be quite the battle in a Slam dunk contest between Hopkins and Bereal. The athleticism of Hopkins is off the charts. He can soar through the air with ease. When the ball is in his hands Hopkins excels at getting the crowd to their feet with incredible plays at the rim. He can put defenders through the rim with his big-time athleticism and solid strength.

4. Kalib Boone 2019 Tulsa Memorial Forward 

Mr. Poster! Boone is the highest rated non-senior on this list. Over this season Boone has channeled his aggressiveness towards the rim on the court. Whether it is a slam dunk in open space or traffic Boone tries to rim off the rim. If you are a defender in the paint I suggest being aware of where Boone is at all times or you might get put on a poster.

5. Jett Sternberger 2019 Kingfisher Point Guard 

Sternberger can light up the scoreboard quickly with his expert shooting skills from distance. Teams across the state have thrown everything in the book to slow down Sternberger but he continues to shine. The quick release of Sternberger plus his clutch gene makes him very exciting to watch. Kingfisher prospers under the leadership of Sternberger.

6. Camryn Dennis 2019 Broken Arrow Combo Guard

Dennis has the best handles of any Guard in Oklahoma. The game of Dennis is the definition of smooth. To add to his flash Dennis has great athleticism propelling him to amazing slam dunks. Another offensive feature fans enjoy to watch is the ability of Dennis to create his own shot and make defenders look foolish for attempting to guard him.

7. Antonio Gordon 2019 Lawton Ike Forward 

Gordon is becoming one of the stars in the Oklahoma 2019 Class. What is exciting to watch about Gordon is not only his high flying dunks additionally his complete offensive game as a stretch four. Gordon is a reliable shooter from mid and three-point range. Defenders have to constantly stay on their toes when guarding Gordon.

8. Trey Phipps 2020 Booker T. Washington Combo Guard

Phipps is a swaggy three-point shooter with an unlimited range from downtown. The fire Phipps brings to the floor each game matched alongside his skill set to score the basketball makes him a top ten guy. Booker T. Washington feeds off of the energy from Phipps on the court. When he gets going from three-point range he can heat up faster than a microwave.

9. Darrius Phillips 2020 Roland Wing 

Phillips is a rising player in the 2020 Class that is starting to make his mark in Oklahoma. Roland has done a great job developing Phillips giving him wings to fly to his potential. The scary thing is the 6’4 Wing is just starting to tap into what he could become. He ranks inside the top ten not only due to his offensive play but defensively as well. He has good athleticism, length, and a solid frame for his age. All of his physical traits plus his skill set allow him to get crowds to their feet. Phillips needs to see the basketball go through the hoop just once to find his rhythm.

10. Jace Pratt 2018 Sperry Point Guard 

Pratt has parking lot range with a solid handle. He thrives in catch and shoot situations but certainly can find his own shot when needed. The biggest thing that lands Pratt on this list is his range. When you go to watch Pratt he will shoot as soon as he crosses half court if he is feeling it and can be effective from deep.


Other Notable Players 

Keylan Boone 2019 Tulsa Memorial Wing 

Boone nearly made the top ten list with his size, wingspan, and athleticism.

Josh Robinson 2018 Broken Arrow Wing 

Robinson is super athletic that seems to get a dunk or two each game.

Seth Pomeroy 2019 Owasso Point Guard 

Pomeroy is different than any player in this article. No, he is not super athletic, tall, long or lanky. But he is so fun to watch because of the effective way he runs the team. Pomeroy plays with tons of heart and passion.


Trey Alexander 2021 Heritage Hall Wing 

Alexander is the top prospect coming up in the 2021 Class for Oklahoma. Athleticism, height, length mixed with tons of skill make him a player to go watch.

Bryce Thompson 2020 Booker T. Washington Wing 

Thompson makes the list because he is one of the best upcoming players due to his offensive firepower from three-point range.


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