Takeaways: Catoosa vs Grove


Posted On: 02/16/18 10:04 PM

The playoff atmosphere is back. In a Class 4A battle between Catoosa and Grove, intensity was evident. Grove came out red hot in the first quarter. In the second quarter, Catoosa took over. They dominated the second quarter and took a seven-point lead into the break. The third quarter the game slowed. Catoosa and Grove both played evenly as the game was set up for a big fourth quarter. The fourth quarter was all it was hyped up to be. Catoosa looked in control until Grove came storming back to within two points. However, Grove could not get over the hump as they fell to Catoosa 48-41.

Slow Start

Catoosa started the game very slow. The Indians struggled from the floor in the first period, as many shots were airballed. The Indians could not find their rhythm as they finished the first period of play with only 4 points.

Mike Dillon 2018 Catoosa Wing

Dillon was all over the court for Catoosa. He was dominant on both ends of the court. His defense was evident within the first two possessions of the game when he had two blocks. His defense did not stop throughout the game either as he was affecting shots and forcing bad shots throughout the night. Dillon was just as good on the offensive end. He was so good that he drew double-teams throughout the night which allowed Dillon to set up his teams for the easy two. He was a beast on the boards getting himself a good amount of second chance points. Dillon finished the game with a game-high 16 points.

Damon Phelps 2018 Catoosa Guard

Phelps is a very different player than Dillon. Phelps leads in a hands off way. He does everything he needs to do and does it well. He gets the Indians into their offense and hardly ever turns the ball over. Phelps is the type of player that you do not notice his impact until after the game when you check the stats. He showed a touch of range as he hit a couple of big three’s throughout the game. Phelps finished the game with 13 points.

Gavin Phillips 2020 Catoosa Guard

Phillips is not a player that necessarily scores a lot of points. He is a vital player however. He plays the role of glue guy to perfection. He is always giving maximum effort and it shows on the court. He grabs rebounds constantly and gives his team multiple shots on a possession. Phillips finished the night with 6 points.

Zane Knox 2019 Grove Guard

Knox was the man for Grove. He led the team both with scoring and his leadership ability. He hyped his team up when they were on the wrong end of a big run or when they were winning big. Knox attacked the basket with the help of a couple of crafty moves that are hard to stop. Knox was a big part of Grove taking a big lead in the first quarter as well as he scored five of his points. He did not slow down throughout the game either as he found his teammates throughout the night to set them up for an easy bucket finished with 13 points.