Posted On: 02/19/18 8:11 AM

Most of the kids mentioned below are apart of the 2020 (sophomore) class, but we thought we would go ahead and throw in a couple of kids from the 2021 (Freshman) class as well. A few of these kids are really making some noise right now, but really watch for these kids in the future to come.

– Jaylon McDaniel (Blue Springs South)

It should come at no surprise that Jaylon McDaniel is on this list considering he’s probably one of the most talented underclassman in the area. With him only being a freshman and standing at around 6’7″, he’s just getting started. After watching him play, you can tell that he has a lot to learn, and although he’s quite coordinated, he’s not all the way adjusted to his body. With that being said, he’s already looking like a stud and one of the go to guys for the Blue Springs South Jaguars. He’s really coming along and he can make this team great for many years to come. If he can be great for the next month or so, Blue Springs South can upset a few teams and maybe make a run at the State Title, they just have a tough district to worry about first.

–¬†Stefan Black II (Blue Springs)11

Black II isn’t a super well known player yet, but he’s only a sophomore and has many years ahead of him. He’s a very quick guard who can drive to the bucket and dish the ball, or he can spot up and knock down the long ball. Black II has been out some of this year, but since he’s back and playing, he’s made the Blue Springs Wildcats a much better team. Look for him to be a big name in the near future.

– Trevor Kardell (Lee’s Summit West)

Kardell’s playing time has dropped a bit here recently due to Lee’s Summit West being a full health, but he did a decent job in stepping up and logging some big minutes while they were without some of their stars. Kardell is a big body with a decent stroke and some nice post game. He will be a bigger factor and more relied on in the coming years, but he can be a key player if the Titans plan on making another run at the State Title.

– Landen Willis (Lee’s Summit)

Willis is playing with yet another Lee’s Summit Tiger team that is full of Seniors, but don’t let that full you, Willis gets a decent amount of time off the bench. He’s not really known for a scorer but more of a defender, and he can be a lock down defender when called upon. Willis has had to guard some tough guards this year and with him only being a sophomore, he’s going to have to take on a bigger role next year. He’ll have to start developing a shot and become more of a scorer, but every team can use a defender like Willis.

– Reggie Morris Jr. (Grandview)

Grandview is loaded with stars and for a second straight year, they are hoping to make a run at that Class 4 State Title. Morris Jr can be a big reason why if they are to make it that far. He’s one of the first few off the bench for the very talented Bulldogs team, and this kid has a burner. He’s got a quick release and his shot allows him to create a little space between him in the defender which gets him some pretty good looks at the basket. Morris Jr is one of those kids who can get hot quick and when he does heat up, he can burn you for 4 or 5 quick tres.

– Will Small (St. Joe Central)

Small has been the starting point guard for the young Central Indians this season which is allowing him to gain a lot of experience. With the few upperclassman on the team, he’s been able to follow in their footsteps and learn from them. As the year dwindles down, he is going to have to start taking on that leadership role. As a freshman, Small hasn’t been a great scorer, but more of a facilitator, plus he’s trying control the game and keep the pace in Central’s favor. He’s had to play against some great guards this year, and that can only help him down the road. Look for Small to be a big part of this Indians team in years to come.

– Khaden Hooks (Blue Springs South)

This kid has a bright future ahead and he’s going to be playing with a fantastic team. The youth and talent coming up for Blue Springs South is going to be great to watch, and Hooks should be one of the leaders in the coming years. Hooks is only a Sophomore and he has a pretty good stroke from the outside, but still needs a little work on getting to the bucket and his overall dribbling skills. He should be relied on as one of the leaders and main scorers next season, but for now, a good role player who can step up when called upon should do just fine.

– Caden Matlon (Grain Valley)

Matlon hasn’t been talked about a ton this season, but he’s one of the first couple off the bench for this tough Grain Valley team. Grain Valley has been having one heck of a season, but they have dropped a few games that they probably should have won. They have 7 or 8 really decent players who all share the ball pretty decently and work well as a team, Matlon is one of those guys. Being only a sophomore, he still has a little to learn and maybe a little confidence to gain, but he’s got a pretty solid stroke. He can knock it down from about anywhere on the court, and with his quick trigger he should be a huge threat in the future.

– Walzel Evans (Wyandotte)

Evans and this Wyandotte team have really come a long way in a year. They were very young last season and that hurt them quite a bit as they got blown out a lot and struggled to find wins and leadership. Now that Evans and a few other players are a little older, the team is starting to blossom. Evans is one of those kids that has a ton of potential and could be one of the better guards in the area come his senior season. He’s already dominating the game over on the Kansas Side and lighting up the scoreboard on most nights, but he still has those games where his youth shows. He should have a great summer season running with Team Rush and that should prepare him for years to come.

– La’Var Felder (St. Joe Central)

Felder is another one of those young guns that plays for the Central Indians. Felder is one of the first kids off the bench, but he’s been getting a decent amount of playing time for being a freshman. Like some of the other players, this early experience should help him down the road. Watching Felder a couple times this season, he’s got a pretty good shot and isn’t afraid to put it up when he’s open. He’s not a selfish player at all, and with his length and size, he can rebound and play decent defense.

– Matthew Harrison (Ray Pec)

Harrison is a part of a young Ray Pec team that could be contending for the Suburban Gold Conference Title next year. Harrison probably doesn’t get the playing time he should, but that could honestly be due to his confidence level. He shoots the ball a ton when in the JV game, but when he checks in for the Varsity squad, he’s real hesitant. He has grown since the beginning of the year and has developed a little confidence, but I’m not sure if his game will grow until next season which will be his Junior season. This kid has a stroke and hopefully it will be on full display in the near future.