Stars On The Court And In The Classroom


Posted On: 02/5/18 12:23 PM

Being a student-athlete is a difficult task.  It’s a position that comes with many responsibilities.  Too often overlooked is the academic accomplishments of high school athletes.  Stars on the court have even more pressing things to accomplish at school.  There are some high school basketball players that are able to star on the court while they excel at school.  Let’s take a look at some of those young men.

Brandon Wade (2018, PG, Skyline)

Brandon Wade

On the court, Wade is a star among stars.  He is considered one of the top basketball players in Michigan and is one of the favorites for Mr. Basketball.  He is currently averaging 23.8ppg, 7apg, 4.6rpg, and 3.5spg.  Wade is a natural leader and his teammates follow him and respond to him.  The quality of his leadership is evident when looking at his Skyline team.  They 13-0, one of the top teams in Michigan, and a contender for the Class A state championship.  Wade is an elite scorer who is excellent at getting to the basket and finishing.

Brandon Wade isn’t just a leader on the basketball court.  He is also a leader in the classroom.  He has a 3.8 GPA and sets a high standard for himself.  His favorite subjects are Business and Math.  Wade has an eye on his future as he will be continuing his education and basketball career at Duquesne in the fall.  He is interested in a career in business management and entrepreneurship.

Bralin Toney (2019, G, River Rouge)

Bralin Toney

Bralin Toney is the definition of a competitor.  Toney is currently averaging 12.4ppg, 8.5apg, and 5.7spg.  He is a scrappy defender who often wins individual matchups based on hustle alone.  Toney has earned the reputation as one of the top defensive players statewide.  He is also an excellent ball handler who has great court vision.  Toney is very good when finishing with his mid range jumper.  He hopes to lead his 14-0 River Rouge team to a state championship, play college basketball for a low or high major Division 1 school, and eventually land in the world of professional basketball.

Bralin Toney is a ferocious competitor in the classroom as well.  He currently owns a 3.8 GPA and sets an example for other athletes in his school with his dedication to success in academics.  Toney’s favorite subjects in school are Math and English.  He has goals for his future outside of basketball as well.  Toney is looking towards a career in Mechanical Engineering.

Khalid Fleming (2019, G, Lincoln Park)

Khalid Fleming

Khalid Fleming is a workhorse on the basketball court.  He averages 22ppg, 6apg, 4spg, and 4rpg.  Fleming is a player with no weaknesses, excelling in all facets of the game.  He is excellent at getting his teammates involved and can also create his own shot and score.  Fleming is a lockdown defender who accepts the challenge of guarding elite opponents.  He is looking forward to a future that involves playing college basketball.

Khalid Fleming has also earned a reputation as a workhorse at school.  He accepts only the best from himself in the classroom and puts in the work needed to excel.  Fleming is a leader academically as well athletically.  His favorite subjects are Math and English.  Fleming hasn’t decided on a career path as of yet, but with his performance in school, many doors will be open for him.

Zach Maynard (2020, G, Rochester Adams)

Zach Maynard

Zach Maynard is the type of basketball player who is willing to accept any role and do whatever it takes for his team to be successful.  He is one of the bright young stars for an 8-5 Rochester Adams team that is youthful and improving.  Maynard has the ability to score at all three levels.  He has excellent court vision and can use it to put teammates in scoring positions.  Maynard takes pride in his defense and can guard any of four positions.  He is extremely versatile on both ends.

Zach Maynard is willing to do whatever it takes to be successful in the classroom as well.  No project, assignment, and amount of studying is intimidating to him.  He will accept the task and master the challenge in front of him.  Maynard currently has a 3.92 GPA.  His favorite subjects are AP History and English.  Maynard is looking toward a career in sports law or sports medicine.  With his versatility and work ethic in the classroom, he is destined for success.