Recruiting Report: Robbie Beran (2019)


Posted On: 02/5/18 11:00 AM

When Robbie Beran says he aims for a triple-double every time he steps on the court, he isn’t kidding. The 6-foot-8 wing, who has been a standout this season at Collegiate, prides himself on being able to do a bit of everything on both ends of the floor.

“I try to be the most versatile I can be. Being unselfish and getting others involved. Just being a complete all around guy,” Beran said of his overall game. “I am able to use my length not only to shoot over the defense, but also to disrupt other’s game on the defensive side of the ball. I have outside range yet can take it to the rim. Also my versatility allows me to do things like grabbing a defensive rebound, and either throwing a touchdown outlet pass or putting the ball on the deck to create plays for those around me.”

Beran believes the most improved aspect of his game in the past year is definitely becoming an all around guy. He is able to contribute in all aspects, but that doesn’t mean he can’t go for 25 on a given night.

“At Tucker I was focused on scoring given my role on the team. Playing for Team Richmond-Garner Road and now at Collegiate I have been able to further develop and showcase my other abilities.”

One thing Beran believes most people don’t directly see is my basketball IQ/understanding of the game. He understands that in order for his game to translate to the next level that he will need to bulk up.

“Clearly I need to put on weight and get stronger, which takes time. And while I get bigger and stronger, I’d like to improve my ball handling for when I am on the perimeter and also add to my post arsenal,” he explained. “I want to be a natural mismatch where it’s hard for a big to guard me on the perimeter yet it is also difficult for a guard to handle me in the paint.”

Ever since he was younger and continuing through high school, academics have been a huge priority for Beran.

“My parents have stressed that just like with the “ABC’s” A comes before B, the same is true in my life – which translates that I need to first get A’s in the classroom in order to play basketball,” he stated. “Currently my GPA is a 4.1.”

A variety of mid to high major division one programs have Beran on their radar at the moment.

“I am humbled by my 8 offers from American, Columbia, James Madison, Lafayette, Marshall, Mount St. Mary’s, St. Francis, and VMI. I have also been talking to many teams in the A-10, Patriot, Colonial, and Ivy leagues. Recently teams in the Big 12, Big Ten and ACC have reached out and expressed interest.”

What can Beran bring to a college program down the road?

“I think I can be a guy who contributes on both sides of the ball with my athletic ability and basketball intelligence. One who is able to do a myriad of things from stretching the floor, rebounding, scoring on all three, using my length to guard positions, overall someone who impacts the game in more than just one way.”