Recruiting Report: Nicholas Holste

High School

Posted On: 02/9/18 2:42 PM

CAM, Anita has one of the better duos in all of 1A, and it’s 6-foot-5 forward Nicholas Holste that provides the thunder to Thomas Hensley’s lightning.

Holste has seen a stark improvement  this season from last, and it’s his versatile style of play that has helped his Cougars to a 14-5 start to the season.

“I can sometimes take the ball up the court, or play down low in the post. It kind of depends on who we’re playing. If they have a bigger guy guarding me, then I’ll come out and try and use my quickness on him. But, if they have a smaller guy on me, then I’ll take it down in the post,” said Holste.

“I’ve definitely improved my 3-point shooting this year, and that’s the biggest factor in the good year we’ve been having.”

Holste is averaging 17.6 points this season, and shooting the ball really well. He’s also pulling down 7.4 rebounds per game. Point guard Thomas Hensley is averaging 22.1 points and 7.8 rebounds per game.

“Thomas and I have to perform good every night, and I needed to step up from last year when I only averaged 12 points per game. This year I’m up to 17 per game, and that’s helped us a lot,” said Holste.

“The goal to end the season is head into it hot and stay hot. We have a pretty good district, and there’s a couple tough teams, but we think we have a chance of going a long ways. But we’re just focused on ending the regular season hot.”

As for recruitment, things have been slow for Holste, he’s only talked with one program. But regardless of what becomes of his recruitment. He’ll try and play hoops in college.

“I haven’t really talked to many coaches. At the beginning of the year, I talked to the coach at Midland University a couple times. Other than that, I haven’t talked to anybody else,” said Holste.

“I’d love to play college ball, but if no coaches are looking out for me, no matter what college I go to, I’ll still try out for the team and try and make it on. Making a team would be one of the coolest things.”