Recruiting Report: Jeremy Beckler (2019)


Posted On: 02/26/18 6:04 PM

Six-foot-7 junior power forward Jeremy Beckler of White Bear Lake is having an outstanding season helping the Bears to a 14-10 mark.

“Our team is doing very well this year compared to previous years,” Beckler said. “We have not had a winning season in a few years and we do this year. It feels really good to be on a team that turned it around and one that has improved so much just since the season has begun.

“Many of us have played together for years and it’s fun to be a part of this with them. Sam Schwartz also has been playing great.”

Schwartz is averaging 19 points while Beckler himself, he’s putting up 19.1 points, 6.7 rebounds, and a block a game. Strong numbers for a pair of players leading the program.

“I have definitely been more active on rebounds and have been working a lot harder during the games,” Beckler said. “At the beginning of the season, I was just one of the little above average players and now I feel like I have doubled my game all of a sudden and have started scoring and rebounding a lot more.

“The guys see me working harder and producing, so they are looking for me more. Coach Lockwood has also allowed me to shoot from outside as well, so my three-point production has improved a lot.”

White Bear Lake has games with East Ridge and Forest Lake coming up followed by section play. Between Beckler and Schwartz, as well as Blake Charles, Isaac Tessier, and others, the WBL is ready for the upcoming challenge.

“I feel like we have a very good chance of winning most of our remaining regular season games,” Beckler said. “For sections, I think we might be able to win the first game and maybe even the second.

“The only problem is that our section has a lot of the top teams in the state so we are just going to have to plain outwork them in every aspect. We are going to have to fight for the victories.”

Beckler is still getting noticed by a lot of schools as Jeremy has exploded quickly on the scene. Schools are starting to call.

“I am early in the recruitment process but I have been approached by some division three and division two colleges and hopefully will be seen more in the spring,” Beckler said.

Jeremy is actually averaging 19.2 points per game (23 in the last 12 games), 6.9 rebounds per game (8.2 in last 12), and 1.7 assists per game. Last year was 10.8/3.6/1.1.