Recruiting Report: Jaxon Pollard (2019)


Posted On: 02/20/18 12:43 PM

Lone Peak junior Jaxon Pollard has had an interesting last couple years, and it’s all culminated with him receiving his first Division I offer.

Utah State offered Pollard — Utah’s 23rd-ranked 2019 — earlier this month. And did so despite him missing most of his junior season.

“Just last Friday I got my first offer from Utah State,” said Pollard. “So that meant a lot to me.”

Not bad for a guy who’s barely played varsity ball.

He missed most his junior season after he tore his ACL last July. He just came back last week to play the final stretch of his junior season.

Pollard’s freshman year, he was a role player with the varsity, but didn’t play a bunch, and he played with the sophomore team as a sophomore.

“After my sophomore year, Exum Elite contacted me, and by July I was going pretty good, at my peak, and that’s when I tore my ACL.”

That’s also when Utah State was able to see him. And now, some other schools are starting to seriously take a look at the big and athletic guard.

“I would say Stanford and Princeton are talking to me,” said Pollard, who sports a 3.9 GPA. “Washington State has been involved, and my cousin plays up there. Utah, BYU, basically all the in-state schools have been contacting me.”

A big and versatile junior with an ability go inside and out, it’s no wonder that D1s are starting to clamor over him.

“Being a 6’7 wing, my biggest thing is that if I have a guy that’s smaller than me, I can take him into the post, but then also I can shoot the 3,” said Pollard.

“I’m also pretty quick and fast, so if I have a bigger guy on me, I can get around him and get to the rim.”

Interestingly, Pollard says he’s come back from his ACL injury better than before; taller, stronger and more athletic.

“I’ve probably gained about 20 pounds, and I’m taller and I’m more athletic. The only hard part now is getting back into shape. I think by the state tournament I‘ll be back fully,” he said.

And as soon as his junior season is complete, Pollard will again play with Exum Elite 17U.

“I just want to see where I’m at. I was going pretty good last July. And now, it’s just a matter of time before my body picks it up again,” said Pollard. “And I just want to go out and have fun, compete and play against the best.”