Posted On: 02/15/18 4:51 PM

Currently checking in as Louisiana’s 26th-ranked 2019, but is going to be moving up to the top 20 in the updated rankings coming today or tomorrow, 6-foot-4 guard Gregory Hammond is starting to see some recruitment come his way, and six months from now, could have some offers to his name.

“I have interest from University of Richmond and Xavier (LA) right now. They’ve been calling and texting,” said Hammond.

“This summer, I’m hoping to get some looks from some bigger D1 colleges. And I want to become number one in Louisiana, because I think I’m underrated as a player.”

The Sophie B. Wright junior is a threat both inside and out, and with some good size and a versatile skill-set, it’s no wonder that D1 schools are starting to take notice.

“I like to take it inside and score the ball. I’m an all-around athlete, and I can jump. I need to work on my ball-handling skills, and I need to add some weight,” said the 185-pound junior

With the playoffs starting next week, Hammond’s primary focus is on on leading his team as far into the postseason as he can.

He’s been one of the top dogs for the Warriors this season, while averaging 17 points, eight rebounds and four assists per game.

“We went 26-4 in the regular season, and they needed me to score the ball and make open shots, play defense,” said Hammond.

And as soon as his junior season is complete, he’ll head into a 17U spring and summer. Last offseason he played with NOLA 23, he’s still undecided who he’ll play with this offseason.

“I’m undecided right now, but I have options. The options I have are to play with the Nike Circuit, adidas Circuit and the UA Circuit,” said Hammond. “I’m just looking to get in front of more scouts and college coaches.”