Recruiting Report: Garett Maag (2018)


Posted On: 02/5/18 2:31 PM

Six-foot-4 forward Garett Maag has led his team to a 14-4 record averaging 17.5 points and 9.8 rebounds a game. He’s a future UND football player but right now the focus is his senior season.

“We have had our ups and downs,” Maag told Prep Hoops. “We have to gel more as a team and have trust in our players. And I feel like we are getting a lot better doing that! This team is a family.”

The team is also deeper than people expected. Ezra Blumer, Jack Kuckhahn, Adam Arroyo, Aaron Jenniges, and others are all giving the team consistent minutes.

“This year we have a few seniors that are doing a great job and will get better along the way,” Garett said. “Adam Arroyo, Aaron Jenniges, Jack Kuckhahn, Stephen Kletscher and Ezra Blumer have stepped up and are doing a great job!

“And our bench players have been doing a fantastic job in practice making everyone better. For the young guys we have a lot of shooters, Zach Longueville and Xavier Garcia and two freshman that play quite a bit on our team.”

Maag is shooting 55 percent from the floor, he’s made 87 percent of his foul shots, and Garett has improved from the perimeter. Maag is third on the team in assists and gets two steals a game. He’s improved everywhere on the floor.

“I have seen improvement from shooting and simply getting stronger and smarter,” Maag said. “Seeing the court and making plays.”

Garett has his college plans figured out and his high school career has been a success. His goal though is to finish on the big stage.

“My individual goals this year is to help my team to be the best we can be,” Garett said. “Our team goals is to make it to state and have a great run. And make everyone better.”

Like we said, Maag is headed to UND for football and we think UND got a steal. Why? Physical gifts. All you have to do is watch Garett play basketball for a few minutes and you can see that his agility is rare for a guy who is as big and strong as he is.

“I’m really excited for UND!” Maag explained. “I’m excited to get up there and put in work and win a lot of game. UND struggled a little bit from injuries last year but this year is going to be something special!”