Recruiting Report: Faizohn “Byrd” Taylor (2018)


Posted On: 02/21/18 5:50 PM

Faizohn “Byrd” Taylor, the 6′ SG from Hopewell High School is a popular but yet, under the radar player. Taylor, who has been playing varsity for the past 3 years, has seen the highs and the lows of the Blue Devils. From his sophomore season’s heartbreaking lost to Norcom in OT, to an impressive 19-3 season this year, with eyes on a state championship. Byrd is the type of player who will do whatever his squad needs in order to win. A scorer, Taylor can score the ball off the dribble, or even light teams up with his outside jumper. We sat down with Byrd in the mist of his squad’s state championship run, and here’s what he had to tell us on the recruiting process.                           

Prep Hoops: How is the season going? 

Byrd: “The season is going great, for this to be my senior year, I really couldn’t ask for anything better.”

Prep Hoops: What do you think has improved the most about your game since last season?

Byrd: “Just being all in. In my previous years, my younger years, I just went through the motions. I am completely invested in this team now. I’m just in it to make sure we win.”

Prep Hoops: What do you feel you can bring to a college program?

Byrd: “I feel that I can bring leadership, and just overall effort, no one will out work me on the court.”

Prep Hoops: What are you personally looking for in a program?

Byrd: “I am just looking for a school with a good atmosphere, that gives me a good vibe. It is also important to me that it is easily accessible to my mother, just those two factors, everything else, I can handle.”

Prep Hoops: Goals for this post season?

Byrd: “My ultimate goal for the season is to win a state championship. And to make sure that when I leave Hopewell, my legacy will always be remembered.”

Byrd has matured into the player that every coach would dream of over the past four years, and has become the senior leader. We look forward to him continuing his journey to a state title, and his decision after.