Recruiting Report: Chris Mayfield (2020)

High School

Posted On: 02/19/18 12:18 PM

As the trend of positionless basketball trickles into the college game, prospects like Hilliard Bradley’s 6’3” hybrid Chris Mayfield (2020) increase in value.

Mayfield may have a two-guard’s height. Yet, he compensates with the wingspan of forward and frame of Division I defensive end.

“I feel as if I don’t really have a position. I just play where they tell me to,” Mayfield explained.

At a bulky 220 pounds, Mayfield has some wiggle with the ball in hands and an excellent feel for the game when he beats a defender.

“I think my best strength is my playmaking ability and how I create opportunities for my teammates,” Mayfield said.

Mayfield allows a ton of freedom on the defensive side of the floor too, given his blend of strength and lateral quickness. On a 20-1 Bradley team with plenty of scoring options, Mayfield has shown flashes of being one of the top defenders in Ohio’s 2020 class.

“My role is to rebound, play defense, and be a slasher on offense. I think I have gotten better in my role since last year. But I could rebound more,” Mayfield said.

As far as high school ball goes, next season is when the Jaguars will really need Mayfield and his classmate Matt Allocco to take their offensive production to the next level.

“I want to become a better shooter and be better at defense. Because if I’m more of a scoring threat it can open up things more for my teammates. And with defense, if I can pressure the ball more, I can create more possessions by creating turnovers,” Mayfield said.

Mayfield’s team-first approach to the game is one of the many reasons he’s one of the most unique prospects in Ohio. He’s a legitimate hybrid player (Since the summer, I’ve seen him thrive as a primary ball-handler, score in the post, make plays for others in the halfcourt, defend twos, defend bigs, impact the game without shooting the ball more than twice, etc.). Also, labeled an “athlete” by 247 Sports, Mayfield has major upside as a football player.

“In football, I have four offers from Louisville, Kentucky, Toledo, and Cincinnati. I have gotten interest from Northwestern, Michigan, Michigan State, Purdue, Rutgers. And I got to see a little bit of Ohio State’s bowl practice,” Mayfield said.

So, do basketball programs even have a chance landing Mayfield?

“I want to play basketball. But what it really comes down to for me is free college,” Mayfield responded.

As far as basketball goes, there’s budding interest at the D-I level. He’s also taken plenty of visits alongside his Mid Ohio Pumas teammates.

“I have received a few letter from Toledo and gone on visits to Miami of Ohio, Dayton, Xavier, and Ohio State. But I’m hoping to get more interest by the end of the high school and AAU season,” Mayfield said.

Mayfield will have a chance for exposure in the playoffs with Bradley. At no. 3 in Central Ohio Division I, they’re the highest seeded team in the Columbus 4 District. Their first game is at 1 p.m. this Saturday against Marion Harding.