Recruiting Report: Austin Boucher (2018)


Posted On: 02/12/18 10:50 AM

Fort Wayne North came into the year with a ton of expectations as they have most of their contributors back from last year. Fort Wayne North was the state runner up last year and this year they had the expectations of playing for another title. It has been an up-and-down year with a few questionable losses but with talent such as Austin Boucher on the team, Fort Wayne North is closer to getting back to state than many people think.

“We have had our ups and downs,” Boucher said. “We are finding ourselves at the right time, just as the season is nearing the end.”

As a 6’2 shooting guard, Boucher has really performed well this year. With a solid group of individual talent, each is responsible for their own jobs and Boucher’s job first and foremost is to score the ball. He has a knack for getting the ball in the basket from anywhere on the court against any team.

“I feel like I have played well,” Boucher said. “Most of this season I have shot over 50-40-90. Currently I’m shooting 85 percent on free throws, 57% on field goals, and 47% on three-pointers. We have had a hard schedule this year and haven’t quite played to our full potential, but we have been looking towards the tournament ever since we lost last year.”

Boucher had offers from Ball State and Air Force, but Ball State has a full roster and he turned down Air Force. Boucher isn’t receiving any interest at this point in his season but would fit at a low major program. He can shoot the light out of the ball and his handles are much improved over where they were last year. Boucher is really good off the catch and shoot but he also brings another element to the floor.

“Last year I had a different role,” Boucher said. “I was more of a traditional point guard so I had to learn to take shots given to me by my teammates. Now that I’m back at North, I have gone back to creating my own shot, but also allowing my teammates to find me. Also playing at a slowing tempo last year made me learn how important change of speed really is. It had allowed me to use my speed in the half court where as before I only utilized it in a full court setting.”

Boucher is still developing and doesn’t like the fact that people have preconceived notions about his game. Boucher has had to play so many different styles over the past few years, he has had to develop in ways that not many other players had the opportunity to do so.

“People’s perception that I’m a slow, typical shooter, who can’t handle the ball,” Boucher said. “In reality, I am averaging just over one turnover a game. I get my shots off contested hard or not. There have been times when I have gotten outlets after made baskets and went the length of the floor before the defense can get back.”

Boucher is a player who would be ready to play at any non-D1 school but could go the prep school route if he doesn’t see any offers come through. He hasn’t ruled out playing at any level, but his sights are on playing D1 basketball. With a deep run in the tournament, Boucher should catch the eye of college coaches through the state.

“I want to play ball at the highest level possible. A college education is a college education. I want to play and compete and win. Whether I’m in Idaho or Virginia, I don’t care. I want to play fast and have fun”