Q&A with Deon Hayes (2021)

High School

Posted On: 02/8/18 2:20 PM

Deon Hayes is a freshman at North Farmington who recently got moved up from JV to varsity. The young guard is a strong ball handler and floor leader. He is an up and coming freshman in this very skilled 2021 class. Get to know Hayes better with the Q&A we did with him below:

Question: What are the biggest strengths of your game?

Deon Hayes: I think my biggest strength is my IQ and my ball handling.

Question: What do you need to improve on the most to take your game to the next level?

Deon Hayes: Definitely my shooting.

Question: What sets you apart from your competitors?

Deon Hayes: I’m a competitive person and I love to compete. I have a lot of heart and I think that’s what make me so good with me being only 5’8. I can still compete at the highest level in high school basketball.

Question: What game are you most looking forward to in the rest of this season? Why?

Deon Hayes: I’m looking forward to the Harrison game so I can win my first district title. I’m also looking forward to play troy at home because the first game was a great game.

Question: Have you been recruited by any colleges yet?

Deon Hayes: No.

Question: What type of college do you want to attend?

Deon Hayes: I want to attend a division 1 college.

Question: What is your favorite class in school?

Deon Hayes: Math

Question: What are you planning on majoring in?

Deon Hayes: I plan on majoring in business and management

Question: What is a short term goal you have?

Deon Hayes: To win a state championship

Question: What is a long term goal you have?

Deon Hayes: Go to college and eventually win a state championship

Question: Who do you plan on playing AAU with in the spring and summer?

Deon Hayes: With the Reach legends

Question: What college or NBA player do you consider your game most similar to? Why?

Deon Hayes: I think I would compare my game to Kemba walker’s.