Prospect Update: Noah Carter (2019)


Posted On: 02/14/18 5:00 AM

Dubuque, Senior is Iowa’s top 4A squad, and it’s the re-insertion of junior forward Noah Carter that has helped catapult the Rams into that top spot.

Carter had surgery on his leg last December 10th as a result of compartment syndrome; the 6-foot-5 combo-forward returned two weeks ahead of schedule.

He was cleared to play on Jan. 23, and had two days to practice before he was back out there with his team. 

“I started walking and then running, and just continuously getting better. I have a pretty big scar there, but it’s just a reminder that it happened. Otherwise, the process coming back was tough, but nothing I couldn’t handle,” said Carter.

“It was kind of crazy just sitting on the sidelines and not being able to play. It really opens up your eyes and allowed me to see things differently out on the floor, see it from a different perspective. It definitely helped.”

Since his return to the lineup on Jan. 26th, the Rams have gone 6-0, including wins at Iowa City West (snapping the Trojans’ 81-game win streak), and at Dubuque, Hempstead.

“Without me out there other teams had to focus on other people,” said Carter. “And I think they learned how to play better, and now that I’m back, we’re all just clicking together.”

Before the injury Carter was beginning to develop some serious bounce and springiness. He was able to jam from a stand-still. And, fortunately, he says the surgery didn’t impact his explosiveness at all.

“I’d say I’m back to 100 percent with the athleticism. I thought it would have affected my jumping, but it really hasn’t,” said Carter. “I’m still really bouncy, getting up and dunking and everything. It feels good, it feels like I never even had the surgery.”

Noah Carter is ranked by Prep Hoops as a top 20 prospect in his class. To see the full ranking of Iowa’s 2019 class, click here. 

The goal for the Rams is to make a state tourney run and eventually win a 4A title. And regardless of what happens over the next month, there will be a 17U season that comes shortly after the high school season is complete.

Carter plays with one of the nation’s best grassroots teams, Iowa Barnstormers 16U, on the adidas Circuit.  

“I’m just excited to get back playing with my buddies, and I’m excited to see the coaches and play on that big stage,” he said. “I know we’ll be playing in New York and LA.”

Carter — a top 20 prospect in Iowa’s loaded 2019 class — already possesses one Division I offer from North Dakota, Coach Jeff Horner and Co. offered him last fall.  He mentioned Drake, South Dakota State, South Dakota, Belmont and Air Force as other schools showing some interest.

“I’m excited to get out there, show my abilities and show these coaches that I’m someone they can recruit,” said Carter.