Prospect Spotlight: Trevor Arico (2020)

High School

Posted On: 02/13/18 9:21 AM

It’s always interesting to watch a player breakout and begin climbing the prospect rankings.  Trevor Arico is showing the state of Michigan that he has a bright future in high school basketball.  He has shown that he is on the verge of a climb into and up the rankings.  Arico is a sophomore guard at Saline High School.  He was sidelined for the start of the season with an injury.  Upon his return, Arico has been a weapon for Saline.

Trevor Arico is an incredibly smart player who has a natural feel for the game.  When watching him play, you can see him instinctively handle tough situations and it’s obvious he is well versed in the game.  Arico is a sharpshooter.  He is especially dangerous from behind the arc.  Arico has unlimited range and uses his shooting ability to change the game in multiple ways.  Not only can he put points on the board, but he recognizes that his shot creates space and opportunity in the post.  Arico has become very good defensively.  “In Saline’s defense, it’s important to play tough and scrappy.  I’ve bought into that and help to create turnovers on the defensive end,” said Arico.  As a smaller guard, he is working on and improving his finishing moves against bigger players.

Trevor Arico understands the hard work it will take to accomplish his goals.  “I have played multiple sports my entire life but basketball has always been my passion.  I have recently stopped baseball to focus my offseason primarily on skill development and strength training,” he said.  Arico spent his summer working out and gaining strength, while staying active in the gym through AAU basketball and team camps.   He is eyeing a future in college basketball.  Arico is also looking forward to a future career involving writing and film.  He is looking forward to attending a great academic university to make that goal a reality.

Trevor Arico will be a great addition to a college basketball program someday.  He will bring a superior knowledge of the game.  “As a child of a college basketball coach I grew up in the gym and watching film,” Arico said.  He’s a quality kid who will do what the team needs to be successful.

Arico is motivated to reach his goals. His parents have been a guiding force in his successes on and off the court so far.  Arico speaks glowingly of his parents and what they’ve done for him:  “My parents have motivated me the most because of how much they sacrificed for my success.  My dad chose not to pursue the career he may have dreamed about so that he could be with his kids all the time.  My mom on the other hand, works a lot but still finds the time to shoot with me before every one of my games.  They both are the reasons I am the player I am today and will be in the future.”

Trevor Arico is a player to watch over the next two plus seasons.  We should expect his recruitment to pick over time and he should end up with many options for his future.