Posted On: 02/18/18 5:00 AM

As schools start turning their focus over to the 2019 recruiting class, take a quick note on Sylvania Northview’s Sam Clear. The 6’3” two-guard is a selfless shooter with enough length to be an impact defender.

“[Shooting] is definitely my main strength, but that’s not the only thing I can do. I’m willing to put it on the floor and get to the rim, hopefully draw a few fouls. I think also one of my biggest strengths is the free throw line,” Clear said.

For a 17-2 Northview team, Clear is averaging double-digit scoring figures.

“I believe it’s around 14 [points per game] this year. I got to give credit to my teammates though, they know when to give me the ball. It’s all because of them,” Clear said. He also told us that he’s at 38 percent from deep and grabs four rebounds per game.

He’s putting up those numbers with a less-than-100-percent right ankle. He suffered a high ankle sprain in a June scrimmage this past summer and it hasn’t fully healed.

“During some parts of the game, I can feel it start to hurt again. It definitely slows down my explosiveness. I do have a brace on it every game. So, I’m willing to play through it no matter what,” Clear said. “Every once in a while, I definitely ice it. I also have a rubber band thing where I just do exercise motions with it to get it loosened up.”

Although he injured it mid-June, Clear was back on the court with All Ohio Gold’s 16U team when they won the Nike Summer Championships in Columbus. He’ll be back with the same grassroots team this season.

During those spring and summer months, Clear is hoping to improve as a ball-handler and off-the-dribble shooter — all working towards a goal he’s held for a very long time.

“I just got to work hard to get my name out there and hopefully catch the eye of a few coaches. I know I have a lot of work to put in this summer but I’m willing to do so to play at the next level,” Clear said. He continued, “It’s something I really want to do. It’s been a dream of mine since I was a kid.”

Once the recruitment comes, Clear will be looking for a school with strong academics.

“Academics are a big part of my life, school is always first for me … A beautiful campus would help,” Clear said.

He earned a 4.2 GPA last semester and is at a 3.2 accumulative. He’s yet to attempt the ACT.

Coaches looking to see him in the postseason can catch Northview’s first game against either Perrysburg or Madison Comprehensive on March 2 at Toledo Start.