Prospect Spotlight: John Humphreys (2020)

Southern California

Posted On: 02/20/18 11:56 AM

Corona del Mar sophomore John Humphreys is one of Orange County’s top grid-hoopers.

The 6-foot-5, 205-pounder caught 55 passes for 1,110 yards and 16 touchdowns in helping lead the Sea Kings to a 10-2 record this past season.

Humphreys is no slouch on the basketball court, either, as he averaged 13.3 points and 4.8 rebounds for the Sea Kings, which won 17 games before making a first-round playoff exit to Los Angeles Cathedral last week.

Humphreys said while he’s more focused on a future in football, he believes he had a successful hoop year.

“I think as the season went on we got better chemistry,” he told Prep Hoops So-Cal. “We lost some games we shouldn’t have, but everyone played to their role.”

John Humphreys caught 16 touchdown passes during football season and scored 13.3 points per game on the hardwood.

Humphreys’ role was undefined in the beginning of the year due to football season and basketball season overlapping, but he said it didn’t take much time for him to figure out what the Sea Kings needed from him.

“We had a little run in football season, so I came out to basketball season a little late,” he said. “I just got in the groove, shot it a little better and got more comfortable.

“I was a little more aggressive this year,” Humphreys added. “I was a freshman last year and we had D.J. (Rodman) and Kevin (Kobrine), but that’s how I needed to play for this team.”

A lot of two-sport guys who play basketball and football say that there is a big difference in the kind of shape you need to be in for either sport, but Humphreys thinks it’s more of a mindset thing.

“It’s not just the shape because it’s two totally different games,” he said. “I try and do some basketball workouts on the weekends during football season, but it’s tough with time. The hardest part is you’re still in football mode when you first come back and you’re a little bit more physical.”

Being in football mode is something that Humphreys never turns off and the gridiron will be his main focus moving forward.

“I’m a football first guy,” he said. “I just have more passion for it and love it more.”