Prospect Spotlight: Jayvien Torrance-Jackson (2018)


Posted On: 02/10/18 11:42 AM

As the only senior on one of the best teams in the state, Jayvien Torrance-Jackson knows what it means to be a leader.

So far this season, he’s led River Rouge to an undefeated season with wins over West Bloomfield and Harper Woods. Torrance-Jackson is averaging 13 points, 5.3 rebounds, 5.1 assists and 2.8 steals this season.

Torrance-Jackson is one of the smartest players in the Detroit area. It is rare for him to turn the ball over and he is very engaged on the defensive end of the floor. He likes to watch and mold his game after Avery Bradley and Russell Westbrook because they are high intensity players that never take a possession off.

“My role for my team is always being the leader, the example. I bring the defensive energy, and my team picks up from there,” Torrance-Jackson said.

With basketball evolving into a more offensive minded game, it’s rare to find a player as dedicated to defense as Torrance-Jackson is. He’s a capable scorer that is very good around the basket, but his defense sets him apart from other players around the country. He is continuing to work on his three point shooting and developing an even better basketball IQ.

Some college programs have noticed just how good of a player he is. He isn’t able to talk much about the recruiting process right now, but he did inform me that multiple schools have been showing interest in him. He’s not a highly ranked player, but that has done nothing but motivate him. He believes he’s better than some kids receiving Division I offers, and he might be right. He’s looking for a school that feels like home.

“What separates me from other players is that I get down on both ends of the floor. You rarely see a kid that’s dedicated on defense and that’s what separates me,” Torrance-Jackson said.

The 6-foot-2 combo guard is just looking for a chance to play at the next level. He is one of the better all-around players in the metro Detroit area and wants coaches to know that if they take a chance on him, they won’t regret it.

“I’m a leader, hard working kid, love the game of basketball and would do anything to play at the next level,” Torrance Jackson said.

Right now, Torrance-Jackson is focused on accomplishing the goals he set out for himself and his team at the beginning of the season. The main goal for him is to win and become the best possible player he can be.

“For myself, I want to receive multiple scholarships and be All-State. For my team, I want to finish the season undefeated and go up to Lansing in March and bring that trophy back to River Rouge,” Torrance Jackson said.