Prospect Spotlight: Garrett Balazsi (2019)

High School

Posted On: 02/20/18 9:37 AM

Sometimes a kid can simply shoot.  They have good mechanics and the ball naturally just finds the bottom of the net.  Garrett Balazsi is that type of player.  He is  a 5-10 point guard in the class of 2019. The Gabriel Richard Catholic High School star is a prospect to watch over the next year and a half.

Balazsi is a point guard that is comparable to a dual threat quarterback.  First of all, he can run an efficient offense and deliver the ball to his teammates.  Balazsi will find them in scoring position and put the ball where it needs to be.  He will also keep the ball in his hands and hunt shots from deep.  Balazsi is an excellent shooter with great mechanics.  He has very good ball handling skills as well.  This allows Balazsi to maintain a strong assist to turnover ratio as well create space between himself and his defender in order to find looks at the basket.  He is a solid defender who likes to make big plays on both ends of the court.

Garrett Balazsi is a focused athlete is who is dedicated to taking a direct path to success.  When it comes to improving and refining his game, he wants it all.  Balazsi wants to improve all aspects of his game and develop himself as a complete player.  He has shown tremendous improvement this season in his ballhandling skills due to his work in the spring and summer.  Off the court, he is focused on his studies and being a great student.

Balazsi has a lot to offer a college basketball program.  As discussed above, he is a shooter who’s talents should transfer to the next level.  He will also bring a natural leader who commands respect from teammates and opponents.  Balazsi has an excellent work ethic and will use this to maximize his improvement in high school and through college.

Garrett Balazsi envisions himself playing college basketball and leading a successful life.  He is certainly on track to do both of these things.  Balazsi is motivated by his brother.  “My brother motivates me the most to always push myself as long and as hard as I can,” he said.  Balazsi is a prospect who could make significant moves up the rankings as we inch closer to the spring and summer season.  He’s definitely a talent that fans and coaches will want to keep an eye on.