Prospect Spotlight: Dylan Thoerner (2019)

Southern California

Posted On: 02/8/18 6:11 PM

Beckman high school shooting guard Dylan Thoerner has the potential to be one of the fastest-rising prospects in the Orange County area because of two-way game on and off the court.

Not only is Thoerner one of the top scorers in Orange County, pouring in a 20.8 points per game, but his 4.6 grade point average makes him an even more intriguing next-level prospect.

Beckman got off to a slow start this season, but picked things up in Pacific Coast League play and have the potential to earn a playoff berth in Division 3AA.

Beckman’s Dylan Thoerner is one of the top scorers in Orange County at 20.8 points per game.

“We’ve come together a lot and it’s fun playing with these guys,” Thoerner said of the Patriots team this season. “I think we can make a deep playoff run, but obviously we need to take it one game at a time.”

The 6-foot-4 junior has been the leader of the team’s resurgence and he credits his individual success with a new mindset coming into this season.

“I’ve just been really aggressive,” Thoerner said. “I’ve been going to the basket and trying to get foul calls and go to the free throw line. That’s been working well for me, so I’ve been sticking with that.”

One of the major reasons why Thoerner has been able to get to the basket and draw fouls is due to improved ball skills and body control.

“I worked on ball handling and playing through traffic,” he said. “I’ve been getting guys on my hip, playing through them and getting buckets that way.”

While the season is over quite yet for the Patriots, Thoerner has a good idea of what he’ll be working on this spring and summer.

“My 3-point shooting isn’t where I want to be percentage wise,” he said. “I need to get that up and shoot more of them off the dribble. I want to see my body develop more and get a little stronger so I can play through contact. I’m a little skinny right now so I need to bulk up.”

Thoerner reported early college interest from multiple NAIA programs.