Prospect Spotlight: David Espitia (2018)

High School

Posted On: 02/12/18 6:54 PM

The Downriver League in Michigan is full of basketball talent.  One such player is Lincoln Park senior David Espitia.  The 5-10 guard is having a terrific season thus far.  He has put his skills on display and his numbers this season back them up.  Espitia is averaging 15ppg, 2apg, and 3rpg.  He is also shooting 43% from three point range and 86% from the free throw line.

David Espitia is a very skilled and impactful player, especially on the offensive end of the floor.  He is one of, if not THE best shooter in the Downriver League.  Espitia can knock down triples whether open or contested and has unlimited range.  Quite simply, he can shoot from anywhere on the court.  Espitia has a knack for drawing fouls, and when he does, he’s almost certain to knock down the free throws.  He can also finish at the rim with either hand.

A college program that is looking for a well grounded young man with a positive influence on the team as well as the community may want to take a serious look at Espitia.. He enjoys the team aspect of basketball and that will carry on to the next level.  “My best moment of high school basketball so far is the experience with my team that has grown into a family that I get to battle with day in and day out in order for us to be successful,” Espitia said.  Off the court, he is active with his Church and youth group.  On the court, Espitia will be a nice addition for a college coach.  He will provide a team with a hardworking leader who is respected by his teammates.

David Espitia is always striving to be the best person and basketball player he can be.  He can always be found in the gym with his teammates or coach, working to perfect his craft.  Espitia is working towards his goal of going as far as he can in the game of basketball.  He looks up to guards like Steph Curry and Allen Iverson.  Espitia admires the fact that they are undersized guards who were leaders and overcame any obstacle in front of them.  He also has goals off the basketball court.  “Off the court is to have a family of faith and be able to provide for them while being a loving father,” said Espitia.

David Espitia currently has no offers, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a college player.  He is the type of player and person who will be a perfect fit somewhere.  If a college coach is looking for a shooter, he is a must see recruit.  If a coach wants a guy that makes the players in the program come together as a TEAM, they need to call Espitia.  Wherever he lands, David Espitia will improve the team and the campus he is on.