Prospect Spotlight: Braden Galaska (2019)

High School

Posted On: 02/12/18 3:34 PM

Reliability is a skill often overlooked and undervalued because jumpers and wingspans are more glamorous. But, coaches always love a player they can count on for maximum effort. Olmsted Falls has a junior 6’0” point guard in Braden Galaska (2019) who always prioritizes playing hard, in whatever sport he’s playing.

Why is Olmsted Falls 17-2 this season?

“Our defensive effort has been phenomenal. Not just the past few games, but in every game we’ve played,” Galaska explained.

As a no. 2 seed in the Elyria District, is there anything they need to tighten up before the tournament?

“We got to continue to play hard,” Galaska replied.

How about what Galaska brings to the table individually?

“I’m trying to play as hard as I can.”

Galaska is a three-sport athlete, excelling at football and baseball also. We asked him if there’s any components of the other sports that translates to basketball.

“Effort all the way around. If you’re not coming to play — whether it’s baseball, basketball or football — if you’re not coming with effort then you’re not going to play at the next level and you probably just shouldn’t show up,” Galaska said.

The junior is simply wired to play hard. It’s different. It’s made apparent when you watch him and in talking to Galaska. And when you have that type of energy coming from your point guard, it carries over to the rest of the team.

At the moment, Galaska tells us he’s averaging six rebounds per game, and it’s not because of his verticality. To go along with his hustle, Galaska has a knack for making plays on the drive.

“I can drive, I’ll kick to the open shooter and try to find the best way to create shots for my teammates and myself,” Galaska said.

His quickness and fearlessness is effective on both ends of the floor. But he’s hoping to open up more aspects of the game by improving as a ball-handler and shooter.

Skill development could unlock doors to college recruitment as well. Galaska is pursuing a college basketball career (opposed to the other sports), but is yet to draw interest from the next level. When the recruitment process begins, likely this spring and summer, he’ll look to identify a college fit that will allow him to follow in his father’s footsteps by majoring in sports management. He carries a 3.8 GPA to go along with an ACT score of 21.

Until then, Galaska can look forward to a home game against Midview tomorrow and another grassroots season with SMAC in the coming months.