Amir Spann, Mt. Vernon

Posted On: 02/20/18 3:00 PM

Mt. Vernon 2020 wing Amir Spann is a 6’2” sophomore shooting guard that has great strength in his upper body.  Big time athlete at the two guard spot that uses his combination of athleticism and strength to get his points.  Spann is best attacking the hoop whether it is off the bounce or in transition.  He gets to the rim where he has the strength to finish above the rim and through defenders.  Skies high above the defense on backdoor alley-oop slams.  Pushes the ball in transition a lot of times after grabbing defensive rebounds going coast to coast.  Rebounds well for a guard on both ends.  The next step in his game will be to get a more consistent jump shot and be a better free throw shooter.  Definitely has D1 potential down the line.

Spann spoke about how he is playing as a sophomore.

“It has gone very well.  I am playing a lot more.  I am coming into my own and finding my rhythm.  Getting buckets.”

How has his team done this year?

“We are doing better than people expected us to be.  I am happy with that.  We have lost a lot of games by less than five points.”

Spann chatted with us about his role on the team.

“The main role.  Ball in my hands a lot and wanting me to score.  Helping us win games.”

What areas is he focusing on in his game right now?

“Ball handling, handling pressure, shooting.  Defense I have improved.  I have to keep working on that end.”

He will be back running with Jets-Ramey United on the circuit again this summer.  Spann talked about what he is trying to accomplish this spring and summer on the grassroots scene.

“That I am a top player.  I want to show that in every game.  Go out and play hard with my teammates.”

Nothing going on with recruiting at this stage, but expect that to heat up this spring.