Why Prep Hoops Virginia?


Posted On: 02/26/18 3:56 PM

Long known as Vantage Hoops, Virginia’s Prep Hoops site has been always been a valuable presence for the network on the east coast. Since it was added to the network in 2015, Jack Herron and Adam Ayalew have done an excellent job covering players at all levels in the region. It has always been important to us to retain the strong brand that had been built by Vantage Hoops.

As Vantage Hoops has grown in recent years, so has the Prep Hoops network, and we feel it’s time for Vantage Hoops’ name to reflect its position in America’s most comprehensive high school basketball network. Vantage Hoops will be now known as Prep Hoops Virginia. Rather than doing so through branding, we’ll be preserving the Vantage Hoops legacy through our continued comprehensive coverage of players throughout the region.

We’re thrilled to continue bringing our high quality product to Virginia and the country this spring and summer. You can follow us on Twitter at @PrepHoopsVA.