Post Game Interview: Holt Walker & Gabe Harbison

High School
North Carolina

Posted On: 02/21/18 8:55 PM

Q: You guys got out to a big lead in the first half and then saw it go away, what’s something that you feel you all didn’t do well and learned from this?

Holt: Boxing out was a big key, we didn’t box out well and didn’t rebound it well which is partially my fault so we just have to hit the boards harder.

Gabe: It was communication, weak side rebounding and just executing on offense.

Q: Do you guys feel like the tough conference you played in, prepared you for the state playoffs?

Holt: For sure it keeps us going.

Q: Tonight we saw a few college programs in the building to check yall out, what are some of the college programs that have been active in your recruitment?

Holt: I have Fayetteville Tech and Pitt Community College right now and Sandhills CC came to look at both of us.

Gabe: I have William Peace University and Sandhills CC, Emmanuel College is looking at me too.

Q: What’s some of the factors that will affect your college decision?

Holt: Pace of play, I like running up and down the court, getting shots up so I would say pace of play.

Gabe: Same thing, and to be a family team that’s together.

Q: Of course a State Championship is the main goal but what do you guys want to improve on individually?

Holt: Footwork, and getting to the basket quicker. I can shoot the ball really well but I can’t get to the basket as much as I want to.

Gabe: Improving with my left hand and just working on my craft.

Q: What is something that you do on game days to help you mentally focus?

Holt: I just put my headphones in, get shots up and don’t really talk to anybody, just get my head right for the game.

Gabe: I go home, take a nap, come back, put my headphones in and just lock in.

Q: You guys come from a program here at Terry Sanford that is heavy in basketball tradition, do you feel like its any pressure?

Holt: Definitely not any pressure on us, we just come out and do our thing, no pressure on us at all.

Q: There are only two high school coaches in the county that have previously coached on the D1 level and you all have one of them, how do you feel that’s helped you overall?

Holt: It definitely helps us a lot, recruiting wise he helps us a lot with the information and connections he has with other coaches.

Gabe: Yes, he knows what it takes to get to a D1 or D2 college.

Q: Who is a player that you watch and try to take things from there game and add them to yours?

Holt: I like Larry Bird, I try to play like him and shoot like him.

Gabe: Paul George, the way he can break down a defense and how well he can shoot the ball.