Posted On: 02/23/18 1:38 AM

State preview for Nevada playoffs. Bishop Gorman and canyon springs for southern Nevada. Bishop manogue and Spanish Springs for Northern Nevada.

Spanish Springs : 24-5, 15-1 conference record. Coached by Kyle Penney and State ranking #6, key players are 6-7″ Jalen Townsell, 6-0″ Leo Grass, 6-4″ Mason Whitaker.

Style of play. They are the top team in Reno and playing well led by Jalen Townsell. They are a more traditional lineup with size inside and they can slow the game down or run with teams as the situation calls for. From Reno this is the team with the chance to make some noise especially with home field in State Playoffs.

Bishop Monogue: 23-5, 14-2 conference record coached by Moe Golshani and State ranking #11, key players are 6-3″ Josh Rolling, 6-0″ Gabe Bansuelo, 6-3″ Kolton Frugoli

Style of play: Bishop Monogue is a guard based attack with a smaller lineup. Their tallest player is 6-6″ and most of the team is around 6-2″ so it’s safe to say they will spread the floor. Expect them to be tough on defense but the size disadvantage may hurt in either matchup versus Southern Nevada teams

Southern Nevada teams:

Bishop Gorman: 27-4 and 12-0 conference record coached by Grant Rice, key players are 6-6″ Jamal Bey, 6-3″ Noah Taitz, and 6-9″ Isaiah Cottrell.

Style of play: Gorman is a team with loaded talent and they will run as much as they can in transition. That is where they get their easy points. They can also run solid halfcourt possessions using their big man Cottrell. They are as a complete team in the playoffs right now.

Canyon Springs: 24-2 and 8-0 conference record, coached by Freddie Banks key players are 6-1″ Kevin Legardy and 6-1″ Alexander Spaight

Style of play: imagine the Arkansas team that won a national championship. They ran all game long and scored lots of points and pushed the tempo every opportunity.