Names you should know/Top Glue Guys


Posted On: 02/15/18 8:24 AM

What Prep Hoops is looking at here are some of the upperclassman who aren’t getting enough credit and deserve a little more. These players might not be the top scorer or the Number 1 player on their team, but they are what keeps their team going. They do the little things right, and can score if relied on. Without these players, the teams wouldn’t be where they are.

Ontreyonis Washington (St. Joe Lafayette)

Trey short for Ontreyonis Washington has been playing big minutes for this Fighting Irish team for what seems like forever. It’s crazy too because he’s not big, but usually plays as a big man and guards one of the bigger guys on the opposing team. He’s not one of the guys you really think about as a big time scorer, but he can get it going if needed. He averages in double figures, but it’s mostly from working hard and playing fundamental ball. If Lafayette wants to make any kind of run in the future, Washington will be a big reason why.

Christian Carter (Lee’s Summit North)

Carter is becoming more and more known and it’s not for his scoring, but for his defense and overall morale boosts for the Bronco team. Carter is one of the quickest and fastest players on the court at any given time and he shows it by getting big time steals and being one of the first to loose balls. Carter’s only issue is that he doesn’t have a ton of confidence on the offensive end, and maybe that will change in the future. If he wants to be come a starter and more playing time, he will need to be a confident player on both ends of the ball.

DJ Hyde (Blue Springs South)

Hyde is one of those senior players that everyone loves and the team feeds off of him. When Hyde is pumped up, the team is pumped up. Hyde is a smart basketball player and doesn’t like to force the issue, but this kid is a bucket when left open. He has kind of a weird looking shot that doesn’t have much arc, but it doesn’t matter much when it goes in most of the time. He’s more of a spot up shooter rather than someone who can take you off the bounce, but he’s a huge asset for the Jaguar team.

Jake Thompson (Rockhurst)

Thompson had been in the starting lineup for his junior year and some of his senior year until a few others have really stepped up. That hasn’t hurt Thompson’s play, as he is a team player and only wants the best for the team. He’s a knock down shooter and can really light it up when he’s hot. He’s got a pretty quick trigger and unless teams have really taken notice of him, he might be able to take advantage and grab some quick buckets.

Haden Wallace (Park Hill)

Wallace, a Junior for the Park Hill Trojans. He’s had an up and down year, but when he’s playing well, the Trojans are usually playing well. He’s a hard nose kid who gets a lot of time due to his aggressiveness and hard work. He likes to be down in the paint and banging around with the big bodies. He’s not someone who shoots a lot, and he doesn’t like to take a lot of outside shots. With that being said, he can score, and he can do it in a hurry at times. He’s big on offensive rebounds as well as being that dish man when the guards drive to the bucket.

CJ Lee (Park Hill South)

When healthy, Lee is a force to be reckoned with. He’s a big body who is a lot quicker than he looks, and is a pretty smart basketball player. He’s got good footwork in the paint and knows how to use his body to his advantage. He is great a drawing fouls and he can knock down free throws. Lee is built like a truck and you better watch out if he’s coming into the lane.

Ty Baker (Fort Osage)

Baker has been in and out of the starting lineup for the Indians since his sophomore year. He’s the starting QB for the Indians which has made him ready to compete at the high level in all sports. He can shoot the ball pretty well, but he’s really a smart player and that’s probably one of his better assets. He isn’t a big guy, but has a lengthy body and can play both inside and outside. He ball fakes well and that allows him to get to the free throw line where he rarely misses.

Alan Watson (Bonner Springs)

Alan (AJ) Watson might be the black sheep on this list. The reason I say that is because he’s had a great year for Bonner Springs and he can score. He’s had plenty of games in the 20’s and has even had a 30 point night this season. A transfer from Sumner Academy and he’s been huge for the Braves. Watson is one of the smaller players on the court, but you wouldn’t know it from his play. He’s an aggressive little point guard who can blow by defenders and shoot the 3 ball. He’s also stepped up his defense and rebounds the ball very well for a small guy.