Posted On: 02/26/18 5:30 PM

Since he reopened his recruitment a few weeks back, Jake Brownlee has become one of NC’s top unsigned seniors and his phone has been ringing off the hook. After their matchup with Riverside HS you could clearly see why as he put together a 29 point, 18 rebound night with 21 of those points coming in the first half. We got the chance to chat with Jake about this game, as well as some of the things he will be looking for when he makes his college decision.

Q: You guys got a win in a very intense game, the crowd was crazy and it truly felt like a playoff game, what are you looking forward to about the next round?

Jake: It feels great to have all these people come out here and give us something to believe in and next round we are just looking to do the same thing, just come out with a win.

Q: In the first half you were pretty active and had 21 points at halftime then in the 3rd quarter you kind’ve slowed down then picked it back up late in the game. Was it fatigue or was it the different type of defensive looks that were being thrown at you?

Jake: It was sort of fatigue but they kept throwing different defenses at me, double teams, face guarding and things like that so I just had to adapt to it.

Q: Recently you reopened your commitment, what has it been like and who are some of the schools that have been reaching out to you?

Jake: It’s been going well: Florida Atlantic, North Carolina A&T, NC Central, Walters State, Columbus State, Cedarville University, Cape Fear Community College. It been a bunch of different schools lately, about 11 different colleges.

Q: What is something that you’re looking for in the selection process when you’re choosing a school?

Jake: I’m just looking for a place where I can fit it, just really fit into the system well and a place that I will feel like is a second home to me.

Q: Who is a player at the NBA or College level that you try and model your game after?

Jake: College I would say Michael Porter Jr. Even though he didn’t get to play this season, I watched him a lot in high school. My favorite player in the NBA is LeBron James, I try to be like LeBron, and I feel like he’s the greatest.

Q: What is something you do on game days to try and get yourself mentally prepared?

Jake: I listen to a lot of music, Meek Mill is probably what my playlist consist of because I  feel like I can relate to him so that just helps me get into my game time mood.

Q: What do you feel you bring to a college program?

Jake: I feel like I bring athleticism and a very hard worker, my work ethic is second to none.