For the Love of the Game: Caleb Butts – The Basketball Interview


Posted On: 02/14/18 5:00 PM

Deep Creek 2019 forward Caleb Butts is the 757’s Scoring Champion. Not only is Butts impressive on the court, he also posts over a 4.0 GPA in the classroom. Butts, who began his high school career at Alliance Christian, a private school in Hampton, and then transferred to Deep Creek last season, has made himself known as one of the best steals the 757 has to offer. He is listed as a forward, but has the ability to play whatever position is needed of him in order to win. Butts spends the offseason running with Team Loaded 757, Butts has improved on his game from his previous two seasons, and has developed into an all around player, one that college coaches have began to notice. With all that Caleb has to offer, there is a lot we do not know

about him. We sat down with Butts for the ultimate interview, and here’s what he had to say:

Prep Hoops: How does it feel to be the 757 Scoring Champion for the 2017-2018 season?

Butts: “The feeling is great! God has and will continue to bless tremendously. This comes from the hard work I’ve put in startingfrom last spring, leading into a great summer, and an even harder working fall. All that work made this winter season fun, but there’s even more work to follow!”

Prep Hoops: Who is your favorite player to play against & why?

Butts: “Joe Bryant Jr – one of the highest competitors I’ve seen in the area”

Prep Hoops: Who is your favorite basketball player in the world & why?

Butts: “Kobe Bryant – Kobe was never afraid of the big stage. He always took the leadership role and because of his hard work ethic that he put in, he was able to rise to greatness. He also showed me to never back down from any challenge, whether on or off the court”

Prep Hoops: What is the best coaching advice you’ve ever received & who was it from?

Butts: “Caleb, the only person who can stop you, is yourself” – Coach Toriano Andrews; head coach overseas”

Prep Hoops: Who’s your squads? College & NBA.

Butts: “NCAA: Gotta rock with my Tar Heels * insert goat emoji here * … NBA: Been a loyal Rockets fan through thick & thin!”

Prep Hoops: High School or AAU? Which do you prefer?

Butts: “I would chose both if I could. Playing ball throughout high school allows you to juggle school, practice, and games daily. AAU is also a great platform to showcase your talents on a large circuit, while playing with and against the top talents across the nation”

Prep Hoops: What are some things you are still trying to work on or improve on?

Butts: “Ball handling can always improve, that will allow me to get to different spots on the court. Playing even more versatile is always something to build on everyday. Continuing to extend my range will add more depth to my game. And finally, working to be quicker will allow me to defend any position on the court and transfer to offense as well”

Prep Hoops: What schools do you hear from the most? What offers do you currently hold?

Butts: “I currently hold 5 offers; Navy, Longwood, West Virginia Wesleyan, Georgian Court, & Bluefield. I hold high interestfrom schools including, Holy Cross, Lafayette, UMBC, Campbell, Mt. Saint Mary’s , NJIT, College of Charleston, Radford, Cornell, VMI, & a few others”

Prep Hoops: Is there anything people don’t know about you, that we would want to?

Butts: “Most people don’t know that I used to live in Japan from age 5-10!! I loved the experience besides the 14 hour flight it took to get there”

Caleb intends on running with Team Loaded 757 again this summer, after he wraps up a stellar junior season at Deep Creek. Butts was truly one of the most intelligent players I have ever interviewed, and we look forward to seeing where his career will take him!