Louisiana JUCO Report: 5 Players to Watch

High School

Posted On: 02/22/18 5:19 PM

Just like the high school season is coming to an end, junior college conference play is ending as well.  Louisiana only has four men’s junior college teams and two of them played in Shreveport on Saturday.  The Port City Jags of Southern-Shreveport defeated the Baton Rouge CC Bears 69-65 in a highly contested game full of products from Louisiana high schools.  For schools who are looking for some more seasoned performers to enter their programs, there were some players who played well during this contest.  I will highlight five of those potential pieces which can help universities or colleges if they are signed to their schools in April.

Makye Richard (pictured above) / 6’0″ Fr. Guard / Baton Rouge CC / HS – Morgan City – As one of the starters, Makye was the primary ball handler beginning the game.  Richard was able to get BRCC into all sets the coach wanted to run during his time on the floor. He showed the ability to effectively use the dribble to get into the lane and draw the defense.  His passing ability was solid as he found teammates for three point shots.  Makye also rebounded the ball well gathering six rebounds during the game.  As a defender, he hounded SUSLA guards into errand passes while providing ball pressure.  Richard shot the ball well making 2 of his three attempts from the arc.  His game is solid in all facets.  He should garner some looks from Division II, Division III, or top tier NAIA schools during the recruiting period.

Michael Harden, Jr. (pictured above) / 5’10” Fr. Guard / Baton Rouge CC / HS – Lafayette Christian – Even though he did not start, when Harden, Jr. checked in he made an immediate impact.  He was able to knock down all three point attempts while playing good defense on and off the ball.  Harden is very quick with the ball in his hands and has the ability to setup his teammates as opposed to shooting first.  On his next team, he can come off the bench and provide instant offense.  For a player his size and position, he seemed to struggle from the charity stripe.  That will need to improve.  However, Harden has the potential to be a feared marksman and change of pace guard at his next school.

Dayton Artis / 5’11”  So. Guard / SUSLA / HS – Hall High (Ark.) – Coming out of high school, the book on Artis was that he was defensively challenged but skilled offensively.  During this game (and games prior to this one), Artis was a spirited and eager defender.  He guarded the BRCC guards full court, chased them over screens, and constantly talked on defense.  Artis showed the quickness and stamina to keep that type of defensive effort the whole game.  Offensively, he showed the ability to drive to the rack and has great lift on his jumper.  With his effort alone, he will be a quality point guard at his next stop. Whether it is on offense or defense, Dayton Artis will be an asset when he is on the floor.

Larry Robinson (pictured above) / 6’0″ So. Guard / SUSLA / HS – Bossier High – In his last year of high school, Robinson was the missing shooter that Bossier needed to win their last state title.  Now, as a member of the Port City Jags, he has become more. Robinson can still pull up from any distanace on the floor and bury a jumper.  Now he has experience running the point.  He is the primary ball handler and set up SUSLA’s offensive sets.  Because of his increased ball handling, Robinson now puts pressure on the defense constantly.  Larry can now do whatever an offense necessitates.  A four year school looking for an interchangeable guard to play the one or the two, Larry Robinson is the player for them.

Zach Taylor / 6’4″ So. Wing / SUSLA / HS – Summerfield – Zach was the most impressive athlete/player on the floor.  He has the ability to grab the rebound and push the ball up the floor.  If the opposition does not stop him, he attacks the rim violently.  He was even more impressive when he ran the wing.  Taylor burst out the lane and ran his lane as if he were a racehorse coming out the gates.  When he is passed the ball on the break, he is so agile that he can jump over their outstretched hands or maneuver around them.  His leaping ability allows him to shoot over taller players and have clear looks over smaller ones.  His second jump allows him to gather tap ins most guys his size would not get.  Zach scored 25 points this game and BRCC could not find an answer for him.  Any school looking for an active wing who can score and defend should have Zach on their board.  He will make a big difference in the lineup at his next stop.

It was refreshing to see some of the recent graduates still improving their game at the next level.  Hopefully these five (and others) will have much success at their next college and finish out their collegiate basketball careers on a positive note.