Posted On: 02/26/18 3:59 PM

Shawn Royal 6’5 G/F Country Day

Royal could easily be classified as a guard, but he has the size to be able to play 2-4, so we will consider him a wing for this. He is highly skilled for his size, and is definitely capable of playing the 2 at the next level. He is an absolutely knockdown shooter from deep, and can use his length in creative ways finishing around the goal.

Ladamien Bradford 6’4 F Jonesboro Hodge

Bradford is another player that is a bit of a tweener between guard and forward, as he has the size and skill to play multiple positions. Offensively he is much more of a slasher getting to the goal, as his shot from deep is still a work in progress. He plays with a very high motor, and does an effective job at scoring, rebounding, and facilitating.

Justin Ibieta 6’5 F Country Day

Ibieta could make just as much of a case that he should be considered a big instead of a wing, but I think with his ability to put the ball on the deck as well as his shooting ability place him as a wing. Ibieta is a matchup nightmare for most teams. He is fast enough and a strong enough ball handler to zoom around bigger opponents that try to guard him, and if you try to guard him with a guard, he is an efficient post scorer.

Branthony Brown 6’5 F Lakeside

Brown is the first player on this list that is a true unadulterated wing. At the high school level he is capable of playing 2-5, but as far as college goes, I see him projecting more as a 3. He is a really strong shooter from deep, and can use his length and athleticism to eat up rebounds. He can still work on his handling ability, but generally that is the easiest skill to improve on between sophomore and senior year, so I’m not all that worried about it.

Reggie Gause 6’5 G/F Covington

Gause has had a really big year, and even though his team lost out in the first round, he finished the year on a really high note. He average 27 ppg over his final three regular season games, including going for 39 points in a win. Gause has fantastic size for the position, and is one of, if not the best shooter from deep in the state for his class. With his size and skill level, he has an incredibly high ceiling.