Louisiana 2020 Rankings: New Faces pt. 1

High School

Posted On: 02/26/18 11:00 AM

TaiReon Joseph 6’1 G Scotlandville

Joseph has been the perfect role player for the Hornets in Javonte Smart’s final season. He is a very good defender, and is capable of shutting down the other team’s best player most of the time. He is also a fantastic shooter from deep despite having a bit of an odd shooting form. At his size, he is going to have to become a better ball handler to become more of a lead guard rather than the off guard that he currently plays.

Kyren Lacy 6’3 G/F Thibodaux

Lacy has really burst onto the scene this year and has been a big reason that Thibodaux has has such a successful season thus far. He can currently slide between the 2-4 depending on the other teams matchup. Lacy can really put the ball in the basket, but what really separates him is his athletic ability. He’s another one that is going to need to become a better ball handler, so that he can become a full time guard rather than a guard/forward tweener.

Jason Perry 6’4 F Madison Prep

Perry has the potential to be the next great forward for Madison Prep, and it will be very interesting to see how he performs next season as one of the team’s main options. Currently, he is a very high upside player with a strong motor. His skill set is still a work in progress, but he has size and works hard which can get you pretty far as a sophomore.

Branthony Brown 6’5 F Lakeside

Brown is an incredibly versatile wing that is just as good playing inside as he is outside. He can rebound with the best of them and eats up rebounds on both the offensive and defensive glass. If you put a smaller guard on him, he is capable and willing to punish them in the post. If you put a big on him he can drive right by him, and he has 3pt range than can expand all the way out to NBA range.

Nashon Williams 6’6 F Cohen

Williams is an incredibly long big with a very high ceiling. Because of his length and athleticism he is a fantastic rebounder and is one of the best rim protectors of his class. Offensivly, he is still best kept around the rim, but he is a good finisher around the rim. If he can grow another inch or two, he is a legit potential D1 player.