Louisiana 2019 Rankings: Wings Breakdown


Posted On: 02/21/18 1:29 AM

Damiree Burns 6’5 Sophie B. Wright

Burns is one of the members of the 3 headed 6’5 monsters that Sophie B. Wright has been scaring teams with all year, and he is the most active and mobile of the 3. Burns is an absolute workhorse on the boards on both ends, and seems to come down with rebounds that he has no business getting. On defense, he is a long and rangy athlete that is capable of defending 1-5 on the high school level.

JaMarkus Wilson 6’5 Rayville

Wilson this season has been an instrumental part of the best team in the state at Rayville. He is an incredibly versatile player that is able to realistically play all five positions at the high school level. On offense, he looks best when positioned at the high post, as he is a really good passer to cutters and shooters around him, and is capable of taking the defense off the bounce.

Charlie Russell 6’5 Sophie B. Wright

Out of everyone on this list, Russell might have the highest upside, simply because of his elite ability to shoot the ball. When Russell is locked in, he projects extremely well as a prototypical 3&D, with his athleticism allowing him to be able to cover 1-4 at the next level. However, he also has the lowest floor of these players because he is known to take possessions off on both ends, and disappear from games for stretches at a time. If he can become more consistent in his effort level, he can work his way up the rankings.

Greg Hammond 6’4 Sophie B. Wright

Hammond is the final player from that uber talented Sophie B. Wright player, and he is probably the most polished out of the 3, and he can be considered more of a guard than the other 3. He has played point guard in the past, but was moved to the 2 full time this year, and has given him the chance to play off the ball this season. If you want to read more about Hammond and his recruitment check out his recruiting report HERE

Justin Thomas 6’5 St. Thomas Aquinas

I had seen Thomas play a bit in the past, but I got to really check out his game more in depth at the Sunkist Shootout at St. Thomas More this year, and I came away highly impressed. He is much more polished as a scorer than I had given him credit for in the past, and has a much higher upside than I had seen previously. He can score on all three levels, and will be able to slot all the way up to the 2 at the next level, when previously I had seen him as more of a small ball 4.