LHSAA 2nd Round Predictions: Div. IV

High School

Posted On: 02/27/18 5:51 AM

1) Lafayette Christian vs. 16) Ascension Catholic

Here is a bold prediction: Lafayette Christian has played in four straight final fours dating back to 2014, and I don’t think anyone is going to be stopping them from getting to at least their 5th. They simply have too much talent top to bottom

PHLA Pick: Lafayette Christian

9) Central Catholic vs. 8) Covenant Christian

This is a game between two teams that are about as evenly matched up as they can get. Both of these teams have been on a good run to end the season, especially when they weren’t matched up against some of the best teams in the state. I am going to give the slight advantage to Central Catholic who is usually a bit more athletic, but this game is really a toss up.

PHLA Pick: Central Catholic

5) Vermilion Catholic vs. 12) St. Frederick

When it comes to playoff games, usually the team that has the best player comes out on top, and I don’t expect to see any change in that here. 6’6 Forward Trevian Lane is a matchup nightmare, especially for team like St. Frederick that don’t have any size. I expect for Lane to have a big game, and for VC to move onto the next round.

PHLA Pick: Vermilion Catholic

13) St. John vs. 4) Southern Lab

This has been a bit of a down year for what is historically one of the best, if not the best team in state history. However, it isn’t enough of a down year for the Southern Lab Kittens to be going down in the first round.

PHLA Pick: Southern Lab

3) Hamilton Christian vs. 14) Cedar Creek

After last season’s loss in the final four against eventual state champion Lafayette Christian, Hamilton Christian’s coach Dexter Washington only had one thing to say. “I’ll be back.” And so far he has kept that promise, with his team well on pace to make a return visit to the state championship. I don’t see that changing with this matchup.

PHLA Pick: Hamilton Christian

11) St. Martin’s vs. 6) Ouachita Christian

This is going to be my first upset of Div. IV, but I think that St. Martin’s has a good chance at coming away with the upset. They simply have too much size for Ouachita Christian to be able to stick around. St. Martin’s front court checks in at 6’5 and 6’7, and the 2nd tallest player for Ouachita Christian only comes in at 6’1, creating some real matchup problems. Give me St. Martin’s in a close one on the road.

PHLA Pick: St. Martin

7) Opelousas Catholic vs. 10) Houma Christian

This is another game that is pretty much a toss up between two pretty weak teams that only have such a high seed because there are only 16 teams in their division. They are both in the middle of the pack, but for the team that wins, this will be the final win of the year before the run into a buzzsaw at St. Mary’s. I’ll give the slight edge to the home team. 

PHLA Pick: Opelousas Catholic