Francisco’s Finest: JUCO-Bound? (Playmakers)

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Posted On: 02/23/18 7:18 PM

Francisco’s Finest: JUCO-Bound? (Playmakers)

LONG BEACH, CA— As the playoffs come to a close and underclassmen are checking out their options for the spring evaluation period, it seemed like the appropriate time to list—and it’s quite an extensive list—of the kids that may not be receiving the college interest they desire, but are fully capable of making an impact at the junior college level. Here are the list of players that caught our attention during this high school season and possess the physical tools and/or skill to play at some level college after a junior college stint.

Lovett has the physical tools to be a Division 1 guard.

Zekiah LoVett (Redondo Union)

2018, 6-foot-2, 170 pounds

Joel’s Take: LoVett came onto the scene as a junior and he has molded into a nice college prospect.  The rangy lead guard can shoot it from deep and his pull-up game is tight. He’ll snap the occasional assist, but overall the key with him is consistent production and managing a game. The physical tools are evident.




Cedric Sobers (St. Paul)

2018, CG, 6-foot-2, 165 pounds

Joel’s Take: The skilled lefty pushed it hard in transition and was slippery as he maneuvered to the rim many times. He has a nice pull-up jump shot and he delivered some timely assists as well. Defensively he has the speed (help and recover) and mindset to be a lock down defender. Definitely a Division 1 prospect and the JUCO route may be the answer.

Tolmaire is a quick on quick point guard

Jonah Tolmaire (Saddleback Valley Christian)

2018, PG, 5-foot-10, 155 pounds

Joel’s Take: Tolmaire is scoring point guard who pushes the ball well in transition. He puts defenders on their heels with his attacking style. He can burst to the rim or nail the pull-up jump shot and his range extends out to 3-point land. He needs to work on his decision-making and learn how to change speeds to improve his game.




Tyree Winborn (Van Nuys)

2018, PG, 5-foot-8, 170 pounds

Joel’s Take: Winborn is a bonafide scorer. The stocky bulldog point guard can score from all three levels and is a blur in transition. He has a great burst off the dribble, can attack with either hand, and gets great lift on his shot. Defensively he slides his feet, has active hands, and gets underneath ball handlers.

Malik Jones (St. Paul)

2018, PG, 5-foot-10, 145 pounds

Joel’s Take: The blinding quick Jones tossed in 12-points in a number of ways due to his speed and moxie. However, as the Saints we’re pulling away early on in the 1st quarter, Jones sparked a comeback with his defensive prowess. Due to his active hands, superior lateral quickness, and competitive mindset he was a menace at that side of the floor.

Galloway impacts the game in multiple ways.

Jesse Galloway (Long Beach Poly)

2018, SG, 6-foot, 155 pounds

Joel’s Take: Galloway is your classic combo guard who can score all three levels. His IQ and overall savvy for the game impacts his decisions while he is monitoring the defense—and it’s usually accomplished with purpose in mind and efficiency. If he chooses the JUCO route, look for him to add strength and add to his overall game.