Five Takeaways: Santa Fe defeats Deer Creek for the Regional Title


Posted On: 02/26/18 10:26 PM

Edmond Santa Fe defeats Deer Creek with consistent defensive pressure and a big night from Tyus Jeffries.

Here are five takeaways from the Edmond playoff matchup:

Tyus Jeffries is a designated scorer

Jeffries could not be stopped tonight. He had the green light every time he touched the ball and he knew it.

The 2018 forward is a skilled offensive talent who has fell under the radar due to the talent of his teammates. However, he has made a significant forward this season and he is playing with supreme confidence.

Deer Creek played hard but there was no one on their roster to check Jeffries which was a huge factor in the outcome.

Kamden Gipson’s midrange pull up is automatic

Gipson got off to a slow start. It seemed as if he was forcing it the majority of the first half.  2018 guarrd went back to his bread-and-butter to get comfortable.

As the defense retreated, Gipson stopped on a dime and rose up for a smooth midrange jumper.

Gipson was a key part of SF gaining some separation from DC in the second half.

The Deer Creek Antlers are a team to be respected 

Deer Ceeek pulled off the upset in round one against Putnam City which may have shocked many. But after watching the Antlers compete you can see why they were playing for a regional title.

Steven Payne was a headache for anyone to cover off the dribble. Miles Slater has an excellent stroke which unfortunately didn’t fall for him against SF. They have a multitude of role players who contribute.

Deer Creek plays a smart, hard, together brand of basketball which is tough to contend with. Much respect

The Wolves were flying around on defense

Santa Fe’s defense was stifling throughout the game. 94ft or pressure was uncomfortable for Deer Creek and led to turnovers. Led by Tauriawn Knight, Jeffries, and Gipson, SF created havoc with active hands and aggressive pressure.

Deer Creek were starting their possessions near half court which threw off their rhythm offensively. Even though they got used to it, you could tell they were uncomfortable at moments.

If SF can play that type of defense then they have a chance of reaching their potential as a team.

Santa Fe needs more to compete with the top dogs of 6A

Tauriawn Knight was excellent on the defensive end and creating points out of it in the open floor. However, offensively he was not very aggressive.

Part of that is that Jefferies had it going but to hoist the gold ball, Knight needs to be less passive on offense. They also need Ben Smith to flourish and stay out of foul trouble.

SF won without Knight or Smith playing necessarily well which shows how far this team can go when this duo plays to their talent level.