Five Takeaways: Rejoice Christian vs Hominy


Posted On: 02/23/18 11:22 PM

The game to stay alive in Regional action between Hominy and Rejoice Christian was tightly contested in the first quarter. The talent gap was noticeable, but Rejoice could not seem to pull away. The second quarter was a different story. Rejoice’s defense stepped up and they built a gap that Hominy never looked like closing. Rejoice finished the game beating Hominy 54-34.


Rejoice Christian is one of the most unselfish teams in Oklahoma. It starts with their standout Point Guard Andrew Crow. Their offense is all about ball movement and in any game any of their players can star. They do not rush their offense. Rejoice moves the ball until they find an open shot. No matter what player has the shot, they take it. Rejoice is a team of solid shooters that can challenge teams in the postseason.

Rejoice Defense

Rejoice’s defense was smothering throughout the game. They really took off in the second quarter when they held Hominy to six points. The Eagles’ postmen affect the game throughout with their length and ability to block shots. Their blocks got the crowd on its feet multiple times throughout the game. Rejoice’s defense held Hominy to an impressive 34 points throughout the night.

Justin Seay 2019 Rejoice Christian Wing

Seay was the MVP against Hominy. While the Eagles had a balanced approach on the offensive end throughout the game, Seay was evident in so many different areas. He was blocking shots on the defensive end and showing off a smooth shot on the offensive end. Even though he had a smooth shot does not mean he did not fight down low for some tough baskets. He was ever-present in the paint and cause problems down low all night. Seay finished the game with a game-high 18 points.

Jaden Lietzke 2020 Rejoice Christian Forward

The future is bright at Rejoice as their best players will all return next season. Lietzke is a bright post with a lot of potential. His presence was felt very early on when he got a huge block on Hominy’s first possession of the game. Lietzke is a player that will need to be kept an eye on as he showed his worth against Hominy. If their young players can all hit a stride in the playoffs, Rejoice will cause problems for some of the favorites.

Peyton Unap Hominy Guard

Peyton Unap was the best athlete on the court for Hominy. At times he had his way against Rejoice. Unap just could not put together a full game. He showed flashes of really good ability, but also struggled at times throughout the game. Unap’s athletic ability showed early in the fourth on a drive to the bucket. He also showed his touch from the outside as he drilled a long-range triple. Unap finished the game with a team-high 12 points.