Five Takeaways: Marysville at Dublin Coffman

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Posted On: 02/2/18 11:35 PM

Dublin Coffman earned their 15th win of the season tonight in a dominate 77-42 victory over Marysville. The Rocks shared the ball and locked down on defense to overcome a 23-point outing from Marysville junior guard Bodie Eberhart.

Every component of Coffman’s team executed tonight. They looked like a ball club priming themselves for a playoff run now that we’re in February. With that being said, our takeaways will include a look at every level of their roster.

Penn’s growth

All around, Dominiq Penn’s game was significantly better from where he was at this summer. The 5’11” sophomore point guard played a more efficient brand of basketball, including moving the ball quicker and taking higher percentage shots. He still shoots the ball with elite range, but his ability to get through creases in the defense and draw fouls impressed. He’s more of a three-level scorer now, but finishing said drives consistently will take him to the next level.

He played extremely hard defensively too. Often picking up full-court against a Marysville ball-handler, Penn showed anticipation and D-I level quickness to stay in front of his man.

The Coffman point guard is one of two Ohio 2020 prospects with a high major offer, as Ohio State extended one in late-October 2017.

Unsigned seniors

It’s getting to that time in the recruiting calendar where Division III colleges field commitments and search for late steals in a class. Coffman has two pieces in Nick Carlson and Trevor Grady who will be quality additions at that level. The 6’6” forward Carlson is a University of Chicago lean.

Grady, a 6’6” versatile player, on the other hand may be more open. His most impressive play came early, when he rose up on the secondary break and kinda-sorta dunked on an opponent’s head. It wasn’t quite a flush, but the burst of athleticism from a strong kid that can guard fours and rebounds like a big is promising. Grady also shoots the ball very well.

Juniors to track

It was our first real look at Coffman junior guard/wings Derek Van Vlerah and Will Hunter. Other than being classmates and perimeter players, there’s not much similarity, so here’s our game one-individual evals.

Hunter: The 6’3” guard looks to be a defensive specialist who plays with a high-motor and causes turnovers with his instincts and hustle. Dropped in a pair of triples and was comfortable shooting with his feet set. Scored 10 total points and dished a couple of assists. Plays the game the right way.

Van Vlerah: Demands your attention with his athleticism on the wing at 6’5”. His leaping ability shines through on rebounds and fast-breaks. Pretty raw player but did convert a turn-around jumper over a defender from about 10 feet. Strange release but hit a jumper too. He looks to have upside and we’re very interested in watching him in the summer. Possible Division II prospect.

Big night for Bodie Eberhart

The junior 6’2” guard scored 23 of Marysville’s 42 points, mainly via the jump shot. He shoots the ball with a very quick release and drilled five from beyond the arch. Eberhart hardly even had his feet set on a couple of those conversions. At least six other points came on mid-range pull-ups, as he used the deep ball to set up everything else. He moves well away from the ball as he seeks scoring opportunity. If he can tighten up his off-ball defense, Eberhart could land NAIA offers this spring and summer.

Jack Christian can go

We were excited to go see the freshman from Marysville that people have been raving about. His production wasn’t up to par, scoring just three total points, but we liked what we saw skill wise. His jumper is pure. He’s clever in creating separation away from the ball, especially when acting as the screener. Against taller defenders, he got a few clean looks up off the dribble.