Evaluations: Northwestern vs. West Lafayette

High School

Posted On: 02/1/18 9:51 PM

West Lafayette easily cruised to the victory in this one. Northwestern struggled and West Lafayette took advantage scoring the ball almost at will. West Lafayette opened the game up quick and kept their huge lead the entire game. West Lafayette took the victory, 70-30.

West Lafayette

Matt Krause | 2018 | 6’5 F

Krause continues his solid play this year. He is a guy who can lay both forward spots and has the agility and strength to easily defend three positions on the floor. He’s a really good shooter from the wing and that was on full display here in the game. He’s a very able rebounder as well and uses his body really well to create space. – 14 points, 11 rebounds

Luke Touloukian | 2018 | 6’2 PG

Touloukian was really good in this one as he had the hot hand. He started at point and didn’t disappoint playing a nearly flawless game. Touloukian is a kid who is a heady player and gets in position really well. He leads the offense really well and he’s a leader full of grit on the floor. – 19 points

Nelson Mbongo | 2019 | 6’4 SF

Mbongo is still growing offensively and I’m not sure if he will ever get to where he can shoot the ball. He is really good defensively though shutting down Tayson Parker, the high scorer for Northwestern. He’s a really athletic kid who threw down a few dunks in this one but offensively he’s limited. Will be a big summer for him developing coming up. – 9 points, 3 steals

George Karlaftis | 2019 | 6’5 C

Karlaftis is a bully down low. You don’t want him to touch the ball outside of five feet from the basket, but if he has it underneath the chances of him scoring are pretty high. A solid post player, but he will be going to Purdue to play football. – 7 points

Rocco Muratori | 2021 | 6’10 PF

Muratori played really well in our freshman showcase and I was hoping to catch a glimpse of him in this one. I caught the end of the JV game and you can see even in that game that Muratori is the real deal. He moves well and has soft touch around the rim. He can guard out to the perimeter and is an effective shot blocker. Played a quarter in varsity and didn’t do anything wrong. Had a block and a few rebounds. He should get a lot of run for varsity next year and will be a player to watch. ­


TJ Macaluso | 2018 | 6’4 SF

Macaluso is a guy who is built very well, but struggles sometimes to get into plays. He’s a willing shooter but struggles sometimes to get going in games. Tonight, he wasn’t bad but wasn’t good. A middle of the road type performance. Could be a lower level D3 team’s depth piece down the road. – 4 points, 3 rebounds

Tayson Parker | 2020 | 6’1 PG

Parker really struggled tonight. Nelson Mbongo was guarding him and he struggled mightily with Mbongo’s length and athleticism. He didn’t finish well and struggled shooting the ball all night long. He had six turnovers in the game as well and just didn’t look quite right. You can pretty much chalk this up as an anomaly. ­– 16 points, 8 rebounds