Epic Finish: Pond Creek-Hunter vs Seiling


Posted On: 02/25/18 5:17 PM

Saturday night everything was on the line for Pond Creek-Hunter and Seiling. A ticket to the state tournament was awarded to the winner. The game ended up being easily the best I have seen in person all year with the level of play, coaching, crowd, and atmosphere. The gym was buzzing with energy all night. Seiling went on a late run to recapture the lead in the fourth quarter. The game turned on a Pond Creek-Hunter turnover cashed in by Brevin Nyberg at the other end. Pond Creek-Hunter had a chance to win at the buzzer however the Panthers came up short. Prep Hoops has full video highlights as well as a detailed report on what players college coaches should be aware of from this epic Class A clash.

Brevin Nyberg Seiling 2018 Point Guard

Nyberg reminds me a lot of Tanner Mouse former Ketchum standout now at Northeastern State. There may not be a player that plays as hard non-stop in the state. Passion and pride instantly standout when watching Nyberg. What he does best is make plays for his team. If they needed a stop in a key moment Nyberg stepped up. A basket late? Nyberg provided. He is not super athletic, not the tallest at 6′ or the fastest. But Nyberg has the IT factor in his game. Offensively, Nyberg can score from all three phases of the game. Teams throw double and sometimes even triple teams at him, which has made him more aware of his surroundings and a better passer. Nyberg is good at breaking down a defense off the dribble. The high basketball IQ of Nyberg takes his game to another level. Prep Hoops projects Nyberg to the NCAA Division II level. McPhearson is the main school recruiting him at this time. The kid can play, but what makes him more attractive to a college coach is his leadership, toughness, and fight to win stuff you cannot teach.

Cole Jones Pond Creek-Hunter 2018 Point Guard (Signed Northwestern Oklahoma State)

It was clear Jones was playing through a lower leg injury throughout the game. He gave everything he had on the court until his body gave up on him with 7 seconds remaining. If Jones played in Class 6A everyone would know his name that goes for Nyberg as well. Most notably known for his sniper jumper from the outside, Jones has so much more to his game. The leadership of Jones is off the charts for his age. Being a coaches son, Jones is an extension of his father out on the court making sure every one of his teammates is in the right spots at all times. Saturday night Jones showed toughness to the extent I have not seen in a long time playing through injury. The perseverance of Jones will take him a long way on the basketball court and even further in life. Northwestern Oklahoma State picked up a steal landing Jones in the early signing period. If he was still available he would have tons of NCAA Division II programs all over him.

Mason Hart Pond Creek-Hunter 2019 Wing 

The buzz is reaching an all-time high for seniors Nyberg and Jones. In Class A it is hard to get recognized most players end up going to much lower levels in college than they could have if they played a bigger class. A recent prime example is Ty Lazenby. Hart is a vital player in the Pond Creek-Hunter success. He totaled a game high of 20 points on the night. The best attributes of Hart are his size at every bit of 6’4, mobility, scoring, and he is not afraid to make a mistake. There is not a moment when Hart backs down on the court. He plays with a good motor on both ends. Another area Hart succeeds is rebounding. He is a projected NCAA Division II prospect in the 2019 Class.

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